Дана Борисова готовится стать голливудской актрисой The presenter said that she was invited to the USA to shoot the film. Lou Ferrigno shared with the fans the good news – a famous film Director asked her to participate in his film.

      Looks like life Dana Borisova started to improve. After serious health problems – the star suffered from anorexia, and painful divorce from her husband Andrey Troshchenko, TV presenter again felt happy. Dana met a man who made her an offer of marriage. In addition, she is ready to make a breakthrough in his career.

      Borisov shared with subscribers in Instagram stating that in September she will go to Hollywood. According to the leader, to the forge world of her movie was invited Director Ryan Shiraki, who made the film “Clumsy”. Star serious about success in the United States. She plans to leave her daughter with grandma and to go to the shooting in California.

      “Friends, good news! Last summer on the set I met with the American actor mark Dacascos and Director Ryan Shiraki (“Clumsy”). Already forgot about them, but negotiations began and… In September I’m flying to California is not in the casting, and two full weeks of shooting in the film where I will play Slavic student and its difficult problems. Me waiting for September 18, will leave the daughter with grandma and go to Hollywood. And the fee is good,” said Dana.

      Photo published @danaborisova_official Aug 2 2016 4:12 PDT

      Fans Borisova was delighted with the happy news. They were glad that life is finally leading white strip. “I’m happy for you, Dana! Congratulations! Pleasant news”, “Good girl, God forbid, to have it all, “Madly wise, beautiful, kind”, “Danochka, hug You with, my dear”, “Wow! Dana, so happy for You,” “it’s awesome! New friends, support the favorite subscribers.

      It is unknown yet how to react to plans star future husband. After all, earlier in an interview with “StarHit” she lamented the fact that he is a jealous man. At the wedding Dana Borisova will sing Valery Meladze

      It is noteworthy that one of the users suggested, they say, the offer to go on shoot in Hollywood may be erotic content. This presenter, not embarrassed, advised the author to make erotic pictures. “In America have never been ashamed, of course, but now tell everybody there,” added the star.

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