Ksenia Borodina: “the Daughter complains to me dad”

Ксения Бородина: «Дочь жалуется на меня папе» Leading “House-2” told “StarHit”, which argues with the husband and what may strike a stranger. Ksenia Borodina told how brings the youngest child and open up about the relationship between the children.
Ксения Бородина: «Дочь жалуется на меня папе»

Accustomed every day to discuss other people’s private lives, about their loved ones Xenia does not like to talk. This summer is rich for the family of a star at date: 3 July she will celebrate Eid al 2 years of family life, and last week the 8th anniversary of the celebrated daughter of Marusya and the ceremony for the first time released one and half year old daughter of TV presenter Theon. The event did not abate disputes, who are more like baby.

“Of course, like any mother, I want to believe that Teeka is my copy, but watching her, I realize that is not the case, – said Xenia “StarHit”. – It is impossible to deny the obvious – my daughter is very similar to the Pope. And it’s great because Marusya – my reflection, and Tay – Eid. I’m glad I have two very different, but such a wonderful little girl”.

“Uasya and FA”

With the appearance of clear, and as for the character Thea picked up from you?
Ксения Бородина: «Дочь жалуется на меня папе»It is already clear that she is very active and smiling. It’s in me. When compared with the Marussia, they’re complete opposites. The older half was a surly, overly-serious girl. I knew where I put her there and find at least half an hour, at least an hour. Thea, on the contrary, the child-holiday, little whirligig. She is curious and interesting, she is very open. Gotta dance – dance, we must dance led – Yes please! For Maroussi has always been a torment, for example, to go on stage and tell you to dance… Remember, we went with her, a little, to Turkey, and there at children’s parties organized by animators, the first day she was cranky and was crying that he didn’t want to play in the second looked to what is happening and only, God forbid, by the third day, overcame shyness and joined the team.—
How are the girls getting along among themselves?
Ксения Бородина: «Дочь жалуется на меня папе»I know that there are children who with the advent of the youngest child start to be this hostile, jealous to him parents. His eyes saw, as a senior, blaming mothers for the little that they broke it, ruined clothes… luckily, like that in our family there is no place. If Junior wants something to take Mara, she never got greedy, said: “Take, EECCA”. But I can’t say that Mary is not jealous of the younger. I realized this when I felt that with the birth of a sister she became even nicer to me: a hug, pressed very much… Or my eye catches when I walk into a room where they play with Thea. So recently I organized the days of “mother-daughter”, which we conduct with Maru just the two of us – we go to the movies, shopping, eating in a cafe… This way I show her that she is my oldest, most important to me, and on the division of love in any case out of the question. Sometimes, it touches me to tears: I sit, embracing, kissing, Thea winds at the finger Marushkina hair. I look, and on heart becomes so sweet…—
Thea carries something of the children’s things Marousi?
Ксения Бородина: «Дочь жалуется на меня папе»Yes, my mother and grandmother kept some of her clothes, she had them home in a box lay, take waited. It’s funny to see the older stuff on the small immediately such memories roll… But mostly I things take daughters girlfriend, friends, babysitters. I am often in the “Direct” writing, saying, Ksenia, why don’t you give that won’t carry girls? And I just have to give.
Ксения Бородина: «Дочь жалуется на меня папе»
You are watching Eid al equally on the education of daughters?
Ксения Бородина: «Дочь жалуется на меня папе»No, different. I’m strict and my husband is soft, especially with Thea. She sits on his neck, dangling legs, builds father, may he ATA-TA to do. She likes that dad is so big and you can manage it, as in the cartoon “Masha and the Bear”. It crushes everything, and he goes after her, picks up the scattered designers… I’m in these relationships do not interfere, they have their own world. But Eid may make a comment, if I Tee something forbidden: say, what’d you do with my daughter swear? Let him do what he wants!—
And you’re not allowed?
Ксения Бородина: «Дочь жалуется на меня папе»Tell her “no” only if there is something unsafe. For example, when she tries to climb the stairs, explain that no adults do not. Generally, Thea likes to fool around. Yesterday took the salt shaker and scattered its contents throughout the apartment. I saw, gasped: “Thea, what are you doing?” – she ran to the Eid: “Dad, mom – ay-ay-ay!” Complains, Hitronic!—
What other words has she learned?
Ксения Бородина: «Дочь жалуется на меня папе»In addition to the standard “mom” and “dad” says “grandma Gale”, “orange”, “pineapple”, “uncle”, “aunt”, “to”, “dressing”… is Trying two words in the sentence to lay down “come to bed.” Knows the names of friends on the Playground – Anna, Bob. The latter speaks with a Caucasian accent – Uasya! And Marusya calls FA. The older we interested in the music and somehow learn La Thea notes that is remembered.
Ксения Бородина: «Дочь жалуется на меня папе»

Little grandma d

Today there is a question of vaccinations: many parents began to refuse them…
Ксения Бородина: «Дочь жалуется на меня папе»And we’re one of them. When Mary was little, she did, and then stopped. Thea did not put. I have them dual attitude, and my first thought, came to the conclusion that we do not need. With friends also consulted, they are of the same opinion: the first children are vaccinated, and the second no.
And in kindergarten expect the younger daughter to give?
Ксения Бородина: «Дочь жалуется на меня папе»While I think. Mary hardly went there – cried, begged to stay home… I’m sorry that I made her, it was stupid. She’s my little grandma d: she would be in her room to sit with the dolls. And Take tusnya sociable. So, maybe try it in the garden to take, and if you like it, let him walk. But later, not earlier than five years.—
Many stars give birth to kids social media accounts. Why don’t you?
Ксения Бородина: «Дочь жалуется на меня папе»Yes, it is fashionable today, but not all that fashionable, useful. I think, to what the child is to have a page in the same Instagram. Besides my husband and family enough accounts, they have enough images of children. Yes, and I can only imagine what nasty things can write inappropriate people to the photo of the child… Thea so the show didn’t wanted to sway her attention. I’m a man of the old school, and I don’t understand when people display photos very tiny babies – they’re so small! Or I’m just too superstitious… Decided to stop hiding the face of Thea spontaneously. Riding in the car on the celebration of the birth of Mara, and I say: will you upload photos? 90 people will still start to shoot, and she’ll probably be in the picture… and I’m tired already, to be honest, to hide. Tired, coming from a child in a public place, make sure nobody removed it. But how many times have tried!
Ксения Бородина: «Дочь жалуется на меня папе»
Your husband three months ago told us that you are in search of their own homes. Already decided this question?
Ксения Бородина: «Дочь жалуется на меня папе»Yes, we bought a house that was removed. Now you need to leave him to it started the repair, it is necessary to remodel the first floor, the kitchen and the stairs. Room in good condition. However, while I can’t find a suitable option. I looked at a bunch of houses, but all wrong: “grandma’s version” with carpets on the walls, a beautiful house, but for 500 thousand per month. I think it’s too much for rent. In addition, we are limited in the choice: want a new house all was easy to go to work, to training…—
Speaking of training, Ksenia: you recently took up Boxing. Able in life to raise a hand against a man?
Ксения Бородина: «Дочь жалуется на меня папе»It depends on what… the bad Yes. I’m a non-confrontational, but if someone came after my family, struck, without hesitation, because it is the most important thing that I have.