The star of “the Voice” Oksana Kazakova is divorcing her husband

Звезда «Голоса» Оксана Казакова разводится с мужем The singer put up for sale two-bedroom apartment in the center of Moscow. According to the artist, she must quickly solve the housing issue. The husband asked the mother to leave the apartment on July 10.
Звезда «Голоса» Оксана Казакова разводится с мужем

The star of the show “the Voice” Oksana Kazakova decided to sell a two-bedroom apartment in the center of Moscow. On the page in the social network, the girl published a post in which she noted that she needed to leave her home.

“Another option is sharing a one – bedroom apartment near the subway at least a 15-20 minute walk with surcharge of 5 million rubles… I Hope for your wisdom and understanding… don’t ask questions,” wrote the artist in the social network.

In the pictures, which the singer added in post, it is possible to consider a luxury apartment with renovated. The apartment is decorated in orange and white shades. The value of the property is about 11 million rubles. “StarHit” contacted Oksana and know why she decided on such a urgent sale “treshki”.

“I have my reasons. With husband divorce. Once again, I put up a sign before the husband shot him,” explained Kazakova.
Звезда «Голоса» Оксана Казакова разводится с мужем

As it turned out, problems in the family Oksana started long ago. We will remind, some time ago, the artist made every effort to help mothers cope with severe liver disease. According to star, at this point the husband could not support her and to help with money for treatment.

Звезда «Голоса» Оксана Казакова разводится с мужем“I’ve always loved it. Was in the pink glasses, but when my parents needed help, just the love disappeared. Then everything started to crumble. In the last year I see another person he did not even know who is beside me. He stopped me to be a mother,” said Oksana.
Звезда «Голоса» Оксана Казакова разводится с мужем

Says Kazakova, earlier relatives did not bother them. However, due to illness of the mother of the actress they had to move to Moscow. The star of “the Voice” Oksana Kazakova told about the condition of terminally ill mother

“In 12 years of marriage with my husband with my parents, I had the opportunity to chat over the phone. But circumstances developed so that I could lose someone! I had to bring mother to Moscow on long-term treatment of a serious disease, and her husband took the presence of my parents in the bayonet.

Звезда «Голоса» Оксана Казакова разводится с мужемHe demanded to leave the shelter in a matter of urgency, on 10 July, because they cause discomfort. Unfortunately, such categoriescell, complications and before it was not enough! Always supported him and in sorrow and in joy, and loved to distraction, I did not expect such an act, especially in the most difficult moment…” – said Oksana “StarHit”.
Звезда «Голоса» Оксана Казакова разводится с мужем

According to Oksana, the last two years the relationship between them was not the best way. She initiated all conversations that occurred in their family. Singer notes that Alex did not go on contact. We will remind, the man grieved the loss of her son. Kazakov tried to distract the wife during this period and supported him.

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“Maybe something snapped. He ceased to be helpful and kind. He probably does not need anything. I also had some moments when I thought I was going to break. But I’m out. Perhaps he could not, or my fault for not pulled him out of it,” – said Oksana.

Kazakova shocked by the behavior of her husband. The star of the show “the Voice” says that in addition the husband owns the property, although they were both invested in the common property. According to Oksana, the deal was completed two days before the marriage. After a while it became clear that no share in the apartment did not belong to her.

“I registered in the apartment, but it is completely decorated on Alexis. I wish he had acted differently, like a real man. Now we have almost reached an agreement to sell the apartment or exchange,” said the singer.

The laws of the Russian Federation, property acquired during marriage may be divided between the spouses in court during a divorce. However, probably, Oksana is not yet ready for such radical measures and hopes to resolve the situation peacefully.

“When my mother was in trouble, he even said: “Sell a lot”. Alex suggested something that I paid for her surgery. I asked for help from people, as I was left without support,” – said Kazakov “StarHit”.

According to the singer, it will not be able to collect five million for new housing, despite the fact that she works hard. The star not only takes part in concerts and working with students vocals. However, the majority of savings spent on the restoration of the health of the mother.

“I’m always working. Would love to find the sum of five million and given away, but I don’t where them now to take. Husband to whom I prayed, left me in a difficult moment. He only offered to sell the apartment in St. Petersburg”, – said Kazakov

At the moment, the singer is trying to resolve all issues peacefully. “I’m afraid to file for divorce. Unfortunately, bright and clean relationship will not succeed. But after such communication spouse with my parents, I don’t know how we’ll get along again,” explained Oksana.