Eugene Feofilaktova forbade his son to attend the wedding of his father

Евгения Феофилактова запретила сыну присутствовать на свадьбе отца The star of “House-2” will not let the heir to the occasion. Eugene Feofilaktova frankly told subscribers about the relationship of the former spouse with the boy. According to the woman, Anton Gusev does not seek to spend time with Daniel.
Евгения Феофилактова запретила сыну присутствовать на свадьбе отца

Fans of one of the most beautiful pairs of telestroke Feofilaktova Evgenia and Anton Gusev has long been resigned to their parting. After the divorce the young mother continues to raise her son, and the man is enjoying life together with new love – Victoria romanet. However, on their upcoming wedding little Daniel will not go – Eugene admitted that they will not let my son on the triumph of the father. She believes that the child is not the place for such events, besides, as it turned out, the last time Anton is in no hurry to meet with the heir.

“I did not refer to the wedding of Anton. This for me strangers. How can I relate to it? We had not in any relationship neither bad nor good. I’m trying to minimize our relationship. And even when in rare cases he takes Daniel, I pass it through the nanny. And most importantly, before a wedding could even devote time to the child. At least once a month. Dani can’t do their wedding, of course. Has nothing to do there,” – said Eugene.
Евгения Феофилактова запретила сыну присутствовать на свадьбе отца

It is worth noting that even after the lapse of time devoted fans of Feofilaktova not cease to question her about the breakup with former lover. Users of the social network where the model shares the details of his personal life, admitted that did not expect from a businessman such indifference. According to celebrity, Gusev still does not pay child support and does not actively participate in the education of the boy.

“Every time he says “Why is daddy taking me? This, of course, very sad to see this situation, but I don’t know what to say. True. I don’t know: to say that he doesn’t want to see you or he doesn’t have time for you? I don’t know what to say to son” – says a young mother.

Comments on the return of Anton, the woman responds calmly. She emphasizes that she is not interested, if he wants to reconnect with his family, because each of them has now their own personal life. In addition, Eugene wished happiness and prosperity to the newlyweds, asking fans to stop associating her with her ex-husband. But, despite the difficult situation in relations with the ex-lover, Feofilaktova I’m sure I’ll meet a soulmate. Blonde hopes to find a reliable and faithful companion who can share its values and goals in life. Eugene Feofilaktova: “I Fear Anton will leave Victoria and come back to me”

“I know that I would never stand next to a man that I did not cause a drop of sympathy. Many look at me and admire, while others hate it. I notice everything. I know that sooner or later me will be the person who understands me,” says the star of telestroke.