Ксения Бородина ударила участницу «Дома-2» за оскорбления TV presenter of the project tried to rein in Leroux Chromeno. The girl is too sharply expressed in the address of one of the spectators, and Ksenia called her a brat.
Ксения Бородина ударила участницу «Дома-2» за оскорбления

TV presenter “House-2” are often an example for other participants. They try to give them advice in difficult situations and help to solve relationship problems with their other halves. However, during one of the esters Lena Hramina behaved so rude that Ksenia Borodina decided to misfire the girl.

The blonde tried to make excuses for his behavior. She bluntly spoke about the accusations against him. Some believed that she had been drinking. Got her colleague telestroke, Alexander Black. Lena said that the girl should eat less, to stop being, in her opinion, such a full. Then Hramina pounced on the audience.

“And you’re just jealous of me, woman. I am young and you are old,” oscla Hramina a lady from the first row.

It turned out that this woman – the psychologist Natalia Tolstaya. Borodin lightly slapped Lena folder leading and turned to her.

“Why do people here insult? Thick Natalia – a psychologist, by the way, dear. And you’re a bully!” – said Xenia.

Viewers of the TV show were outraged by the behavior of the Lena. Hramina not always can cope with his character, therefore, has difficulty in communicating with guys. She is interested in Simon Mardanshin. However, their relationship is unstable.

“We are Simon and prevents to be happy, my bad character. I’m short-tempered, disgusting, many people call me rowdy, but I believe they are wrong. I’m normal, the most normal girl who just can stand up for themselves. Simon sometimes don’t like the way I speak in the collective, and indeed in principle it would be good if I was silent all the time when I got some threads and discussion. And actually, I think when in a relationship it doesn’t add up, it is a problem between two people. Simon gives me a lot of complaints, and I believe that he does not like something in me that is in itself, it’s temper, aggressiveness and perhaps excessive self-confidence. So full of happiness and harmony in the relationship, we both need to change and help each other in this,” said Lena in a microblog.