Galina Yudashkin has shown a newborn baby

Галина Юдашкина показала новорожденного малыша The daughter of a famous couturier came out of the boy. Galina Yudashkin pretty honest with my subscribers. The eldest son celebrities happily nursed brother and carries him in a wheelchair and holding hands.
Галина Юдашкина показала новорожденного малыша

On March 28, the daughter of the famous couturier Valentin Yudashkin Galina became a mother for the second time. As the first born baby was born in the United States. Shortly before birth the young woman went to Miami together with her husband Peter Maklakovym and son Anatoly. Happy parents immediately decided on the name of the child and named the boy Arkady. A week later, Galina has already shown the baby. She published a photo which depicted the people close to her, and Roofing, is holding his younger brother.

“There’s my family,” he signed the Yudashkin.
Галина Юдашкина показала новорожденного малыша

In the United States to give birth to her daughter, fashion designer flew her husband and mother Marina. Many admire the strong family ties Udashkin. Peter Maksakov and Galina got married in 2015. After the birth of her second child, a young woman thanked again a happy confluence of circumstances that have met the spouse. “I believe in destiny, we have always lived on the same street, friends, friends parents, but we met only at certain times and this is very delightful!” – posted by Galina.

Despite the fact that now Yudashkin is now raising two children, she is actively engaged in business. Not so long ago, she talked about the fact that he was going to open a beauty salon together with a friend. She also works as the art Director of the fashion house of his father. The first release of the little Anatolia took place on the podium. However, then Galina took him on his hands after the fashion show.

Галина Юдашкина показала новорожденного малыша

Recently Yudashkin presented a collection of clothes for children at the fashion Week in Moscow. As young models, she invited children of celebrities – Alla Pugacheva, Tatiana Navka, Jasmine, Phillip Kirkorov and others. Galina was happy to work on the creation of the debut collection and was pleased with the result. She likes to create outfits for toddlers. Daughter Pugacheva and skill sets made a splash on the show of children’s clothes

“What amazing children, these sincere and real! A pleasure to work with them and create for them!” – shared his impressions of Galina.

Followers gladly followed the microblog of Yudashkina. They are pleased that young mother shared with them photos, experiences, and also advised on some issues.