Секреты красоты звезд: как похудеть с помощью массажа “StarHit” learned how to remove swelling, and accelerate metabolism without visiting the gym. Many celebrities resort to massage to not only relax but also improve your health and lose weight.
Секреты красоты звезд: как похудеть с помощью массажа

In pursuit of perfect figure we sometimes forget about one of the most simple and effective means massage. And he truly works wonders. No wonder so many stars can’t imagine life without massage. For example, Ani Lorak, Oksana Fedorova after childbirth regularly visited specialists, likely to lose weight and speed up metabolism. An internationally recognized beauty Monica Bellucci also do not miss a session. And Irina Allegrova is a personal specialist in Italy.


“Full body massage affects all systems of the body, – says the expert Maria Bakhtin. – We can say that it is the most advanced natural medicine to body.”

“The effect of General massage get not only the muscles, but also the digestive system, circulatory as well as endocrine, lymphatic, mental and nervous. Through this therapy, the body gets rid of waste products and toxins. Also relaxes the nervous system, in the result, there are no mental and emotional tension, improved sleep. Massage has an overall positive effect on the circulatory and lymphatic system, more normal metabolism in the body.”
Секреты красоты звезд: как похудеть с помощью массажа


  • Classic body massage: relaxes the nervous system, loosens up muscles and joints. After him there is a feeling of lightness, increased body tone.
  • Anti-cellulite massage: it normalizes metabolism in the tissues, relieves swelling. Reduces and eliminates the appearance of cellulite.
  • Modeling massage: combines General and anti-cellulite. Correction of the shape of the thighs, abdomen, buttocks. Supports overall tone.
  • Lymphatic drainage massage: improves overall tone, relieve puffiness. If done on the face, is made oval.
  • Cupping massage: stimulating blood and lymph circulation, decongesting.
  • Sport massage results in muscle tone.
  • Honey massage: the skin is cleansed of toxins, becomes more smooth and elastic.
  • Therapeutic massage: relieves tension and locking of the muscles, relieves pain and corrects the scoliosis.
  • For weight loss

    You can lose weight virtually from any massage, but the most effective are cellulite, lymphatic drainage, cupping and honey. The duration of the course starts from 10 procedures. It is recommended to follow low-calorie diet. Two hours before the massage you should not eat and an hour to drink. You also need to eliminate carbonated and alcoholic beverages, which have a negative impact on the body in General, can impede the effectiveness of the procedures. After the procedure is recommended to drink water in large quantity.


    • exacerbation of heart disease
    • varicose veins
    • thrombosis of blood vessels
    • inflammation
    • violation of the integrity of the skin
    • the increased body temperature.