Ksenia Borodina first showed the face of the youngest daughter

Ксения Бородина впервые показала лицо младшей дочки

Microblog Ksenia Borodina and her husband Kurban Omarov full of family publications. Mom and dad with great joy upload photos and videos with their children (between Xenia and one of the first three children). The older son Omarova, Omar, and daughter of Xenia, Marousi, parents do not hide, but little Theon is shown to the followers only from the back. Today the situation has changed. On the page of the first appeared very tender and touching photo, which was captured his Princess, and, the face of a small Teona was not hidden.

“My good morning. #sprashivay,” — said in comments to the post.

Hardly the mom and daughter appeared online, it was covered laudatory reviews. Subscribers began to wonder, who’s more like baby. Most of them believe that the daughter Kseniya inherited the facial features of his father. “Just like your daddy! Amazingly adorable baby!”, “Oh my God, how sweet mom with daughters!”, “Hurrah! Finally! What a beautiful girl. Parents are great!”, “Definitely daddy’s girl!” — wrote fans.

By the way, the question of why Ksenia and Kurban hiding the face of their common daughter, asked a couple almost from birth girls. Negative-minded commentators even suggest that a child is not all right. In fact, parents were just trying to protect the child from negativity.