“Old man’s” dance of the Prince William disappointed the users of the network

«Стариковский» танец принца Уильяма разочаровал пользователей сети

Prince Harry, unlike his elder brother William enjoyed life, especially adolescence. Red-haired representative of the Royal family did not thought about whose relative he is, when he gets at parties, got naked in front of everyone and did a lot of interesting things.

The life of Prince William was more restrained. The guy began to prepare for the fact that he would be heir to the throne after his grandmother Elizabeth II, because so much time partying and fast life, how much had Harry, he didn’t.

Probably, it also affected that William is not able to “break away” as do modern people.

Recently, the Network got a video which shows that the Duke of Cambridge did not know how to move in music.

Now the Prince is located on one of the resorts of the Alps. Day William skiing in the society of old friends and lovely models, and in the evening off on the dance floor.

One of the visitors of the club were able to film the Prince otkalyvalis pranks. However, the dance of the monarch had upset many users. The fact that the movements of the Prince were too “old”.

Do you think William could take a few lessons from his brother Harry?