Ксения Бородина прокомментировала слухи о беременности Ксении Собчак The presenter spoke about a possible interesting situation colleagues and novice politician. Ksenia Borodina noted that every public person is free to choose whether to tell him about the upcoming replenishment in the family or not.
Ксения Бородина прокомментировала слухи о беременности Ксении Собчак

Day after day, discussing rumors about a possible pregnancy TV presenter and novice politician Ksenia Sobchak. The star herself prefers not to respond to speculation of the public, trying to protect personal life from unwanted scrutiny. Celebrity has not commented on the numerous discussions.

The other day a colleague Sobchak Ksenia Borodina went live on Instagram in order to answer questions fans. Many wondered whether her former co-host is preparing for the advent of a second child. Borodin said that has no information about this, but if Sobchak is pregnant it is her right to share the good news with others or not.

“If pregnant Ksenia Sobchak? I do not know. It’s hard when you’re a public person, to speak about her pregnancy. This is a private moment, very personal. If a person wants to say, he is about to say. But if they don’t, they have every right to do – sure a celebrity. – I had such history with the last pregnancy one of my friends leaked my pregnancy. It is on the conscience of other people. I think to do this ugly. I learned this from reliable sources”.

Despite the fact that the Network regularly appeared rumors about a possible fight between Sobchak and Borodina, they, apparently, do not hold each other evil. So, the leading “House-2” was among those public figures who sided Xenia anatolevny after the first controversial debate with Zhirinovsky. Then Sobchak live poured on the opponent a glass of water. Thus, the presidential candidate expressed dissatisfaction with his abusive behavior. Vladimir Zhirinovsky spoke disrespectfully about the journalist and her mental qualities. According to Ksenia Borodina, the LDPR leader unworthily received.

“The debate during the elections between the presidential candidates should be. And even more to be emotional. How else to defend their point of view, to convince the opponent of the correctness of their position? But it seems to me, no matter how much you disagreed with the beliefs of another person, to insult him is not permissible. And especially to insult a woman,” wrote the star on social networks.

Borodin said that it disturbs the incident during a debate. “How is this still possible, and even at the level of “presidential candidate”. In this situation, I, of course, support the other side of the conflict”, – said Xenia.