Любовь Успенская подает в суд на оскорбившую ее стюардессу The singer dropped out of a plane for failing to comply with flight rules. Lyubov Uspenskaya strongly disagree with the presented claims. She has appealed to the lawyers to decide this question differently.

A few days ago the Lyubov Uspenskaya got into a very bad situation. The actress was removed from the flight “Aeroflot”. According to the official version of employees of the carrier, the singer has not agreed to remove beloved dog in a carrier and pushed away the stewardess when she made her remark.

The police took the Love of the assumption from the flight because of the offense

The situation has surprised fans of the actress, so she hurried to explain what happened on my Instagram. Assumption posted a video, which was captured the same flight attendant, with which the conflict occurred. Young woman denies any accusations.

“I flew after the tour, could out of spite to bring the musicians out of the plane, then it would be brought all passengers. I wouldn’t have allowed it, and the company is easy to do. It’s A Shame! I always with this company fly, and there was this lady that no problem all the alcohol bottles, but I for some reason decided to hurt,” shared assumption.

The journalists of the program “You wouldn’t believe!” decided to reach out with Love, to clarify the situation. As it turned out, the actress went on tour, and because of what happened she almost broke the whole tour.

The singer actually came on the plane with the dog in her arms, but carrying her was also with him. Uspenskaya noted that he had repeatedly travelled this way across the country and abroad, but she never had a problem with it. Queen of chanson so outraged by the situation that he decided to go to a higher authority.

“I’m going to sue. Already talked to lawyers. I have witnesses to corroborate my version. Now the lawyers will deal with this problem, and I hope this will never happen again”, – told the assumption.

However, the company “Aeroflot” adheres to absolutely other point of view. According to flight attendants, the famous artist was highly combative and did not comply with the rules of transportation of Pets. According to the existing standards, the dog must be in carry during the entire flight. However, Lubov Uspenskaya did not want to fulfill the requirement.

Fans of the actress have divided into two camps. Some of them said that the star behaved incorrectly. However, many fans agreed that the airline could meet the singer. The assumption itself has said repeatedly that loves his dog breed Yorkshire Terrier, so I used to travel with a pet on hand and nothing else.