Мария Максакова проиграла в борьбе за 80 миллионов The diva tried to challenge the sale, she owned real estate in the center of Moscow. According to the version of Maria Maksakova, Denis Panaitov lied to her stepdaughter Catherine Voronenkov. The daughter of the deceased policy has acted as a co-defendant in the suit.
Мария Максакова проиграла в борьбе за 80 миллионов

As it became known to journalists, the Opera singer Maria Maksakova lost in the battle for non-residential premises worth two million dollars. The actress failed to challenge the sale of real estate in the center of Moscow. Presnensky court of Moscow rejected the claim of celebrity to the former head of Odintsovo of the investigation Department of the TFR in the Moscow region Denis Panaitova and stepdaughter Catherine.

Lawyers for the daughter of Denis Boronenkov presented to court the documents confirming its viability. According to these reports, the girl can not be cured from drug addiction and is not registered in dispensary.

Trial between Maria Maksakova and Denis by Panaitova began after the artist man suspected in fraudulent activities. As said the singer in an interview, former employee of the TFR was going to buy property belonging to it, for 120 million roubles. Maksakova was granted stepdaughter. After the transaction took place, it became clear that Boronenkov received from Panaitova only 38 million.

Мария Максакова проиграла в борьбе за 80 миллионов

After analyzing the situation, Mary came to the conclusion that Catherine lied, taking advantage of her condition. The singer filed for Denis Panaitova to the court, and the girl drew in the proceedings. Moreover, Maksakova claimed that earlier the man allegedly threatened her, forcing him to transfer the property to him. The actress refused to meet Panaitova and asked him to buy an apartment. In the end, according to Maksakova, he did unfairly.

After the information on proceedings for expensive real estate in the press, the Network began to rumors of a possible fight between Maria and her stepdaughter. For a long time Catherine herself did not comment on speculation of the public. Only recently in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1” the daughter of Denis Boronenkov assured viewers that she won’t have any quarrels with Maksakova. Ekaterina is now together with the artist. “I admire Mary, supporting her as best I can. We got friendly, we can say, family,” – shared the girl.

According to the correspondent of “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, the meetings of the suit Maksakova took place behind closed doors. On the insistence of the participants in the process who did not want to involve dismantling the public’s attention.

We will remind that on March 23, a year has passed since the tragic death of Denis Boronenkov. Former state Duma Deputy was shot in the center of Kiev. Widow Maria Maksakova policy heavily experienced the sudden departure of her husband from life. Maria Maksakova. A year later