Ksenia Borodina came to the defense of Olga Buzova

Ксения Бородина встала на защиту Ольги Бузовой Leading supported a friend in a difficult time. Within a few days of Internet-users discuss the gap Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov. She’s a celebrity does not react to the words on social networks.

      Leading reality show “Dom-2” Ksenia Borodina decided to support a colleague Olga Buzova in this difficult period. Internet users are actively discussing the breakup of the famous blonde and her husband, futbolista Dmitry Tarasov. The husband and wife do not say openly what happened in their family. Dmitry Tarasov told about the breakup with Olga Buzova

      Borodin, who herself has recently experienced problems with my husband knows that at this moment man is better not to touch, and to give him time alone to think about it.

      “My pretty girl Buzova, strong,and courageous. P. S If you have a heart, if you have something to do, besides, as bones wash up, leave it alone, it’s okay,” Borodin wrote on his page, uploading a picture of Olga in a white dress and disabling comments to the post.

      Despite the difficulties in the family, Olga continues to post in social media advertising posts. However, her followers notice that in the pictures she is very sad. “Everything will be fine. You’re young, beautiful, energetic, sweet, kind. Don’t dwell on the situation,” “I think eyes or tear-stained? Olga, I love you, please don’t worry”, “Look at the photo and pity sneaks. Even a ton of makeup to hide the fatigue and certainly red eye”, “Olga, patience to you in connection with this hype around you as a couple,” the left words of support to members of the presenter. Fans Buzova Tarasov are begging to go back

      We will remind that the day before the public excited about the post Olga signature to which she left a poem about betrayal and pain. Most social media users felt that the mood of a celebrity due to problems in relations with Tarasov. In turn, Dmitry is not divisible by the page pictures with his wife, and probably prefer to spend their free time with mom or friends. Subscribers of the football player arguing about whether or not to accept the athlete with the presenter, while fans Buzova staged a flash mob, in which he called Tarasova to reunite with his wife.