Irina Bezrukov explained why not changing the surname after the divorce

Ирина Безрукова объяснила, почему не меняет фамилию после развода The actress believes that it would adversely affect her career, and she will have problems in finding work. Irina did not bother, that under that name some viewers still see her as the ex-wife of a famous artist.

      Despite the divorce with Sergey Bezrukov, was held in 2015, Irina continued to work in the Moscow provincial theatre, the head of which is her ex-husband. However, she does not think it necessary to be in the state theatre, since then she will have to participate in a greater number of productions per day. “As long as I only play single play “Endless April” on stage with a full-time actress,” admitted Irina.

      After parting with second husband Bezrukov has decided not to change the name because, in her opinion, it may have a negative impact on her career. “I already know under that name for over 15 years, I don’t want to confuse people in the same film, as was the case with other Actresses. Remember the beautiful Alexander Yakovlev, who played in the movie “the Man from Boulevard des Capucines”. She married athlete cal aasmaa and took his name, upon hearing which almost no one but an avid filmmaker, doesn’t know who you are talking about,” explained the doctor.

      At the moment Irina’s bored without work. She starred in the Russian version of the TV series “the Mentalist” and the film “Earthquake” works on TV, leading some entertainment, and is on the Board of the quality of life of citizens, health and social policy of the Moscow region.

      Says Bezrukova, such activity brings her real pleasure. At this stage of life the actress is in no hurry to have a romantic relationship. “I know how to love, to care, to build long-term relationships, but I’d like to leave room for improvisation. When in my life will be “my” man, I totally understand, I want to be married or not. For me feelings are more important than the status of “married,” or material goods”, – told Irina in an interview with “7 days”.

      Fans have repeatedly tried to ascribe the star of a new novel. The doctor explains that a lot of talks with men, but they are her only friends. According to the artist, she understands men, and she’s easy to find common language with them.