Ксения Бородина встала на защиту дочери Star answered detractors insulted on a social network its successor the Mary. Ksenia Borodina strongly demanded not to touch her children and not to use their photos for commercial purposes. The incident of insulting daughter occurred after the presenter lost his clothing store.

      Ксения Бородина встала на защиту дочери

      Ksenia Borodina faced with problems in business. Not long ago, the leading “House-2” said about the conflict with partners in the clothing store Borodina-shop. According to star, now she has nothing to do with this brand.

      Xenia admitted that during her vacation from the customers began to receive complaints about delivery, quality of goods and services policy. Businesswoman has decided to understand the issue, but its partners refused to provide the documents, trying to hide something. Borodin explained to the clients that used to work honestly and urged not to believe the statements made by other alleged on her behalf.

      The eldest daughter Xenia Marusya not once participated in advertising shoots for Borodina_Shop. The girl showed things from the children’s line of the brand. Under one of the photos with the heiress Borodina appeared negative comment that her loving mother could not respond. Also the woman was outraged that the pictures of Mary, still used in the online accounts of the store.

      “Girls, that many of you here mom, how would you react to the fact that under the photo of our child would write “old story”?! As another hand rose to write?! Marusya – old story?! Children-why implicate it! I understand that the scores using the children to score very easily, subscribers and pity from women, but my child’s I touch will never give and leave it! She never did, I share photos because I know that you love them and ask me about it, it’s part of my life, the main part! I asked Mary to take a picture because it was our family business, and my girl happily agreed!”, – posted by Xenia on his page.

      Some subscribers Borodina advised her to apply to the court in which it should be mentioned that the use of photographs Marousi store is now banned.

      Previously, the leading “House-2” reported that the attackers have already hacked into her account on social network “Instagram”. “I’m sure it’s not by accident! Someone is trying to hurt me. To be honest, aware of who it is… We will find the attacker! And yet, I will soon return to his favorite subscribers”, – said Borodin. Ksenia Borodina: “I have not deleted. I was hacked!”

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