Сергей Лазарев вновь затмил Джамалу  The organizers of “Slavianski Bazaar” has decided to abandon the winner of “Eurovision”. Despite the fact that the song contest Sergey Lazarev took the third place, it will become the invited guest of the event. He will perform his song “You are the only one”, which was loved by the audience.

      Сергей Лазарев вновь затмил Джамалу
      Сергей Лазарев вновь затмил Джамалу

      This year represented Russia at the “Eurovision” Sergey Lazarev has won the popular song contest. The contractor from our country was considered as the favourite and had every chance to win. However, changes in voting rules for the artists deprived Lazarev the first place. Despite the fact that the audience declared it the best of all the participants this year, the jury is not so highly assessed the performance of the Russian musician, who eventually took third place.

      Sergey Lazarev for the first time spoke about the disappointment of the European refereeing

      In mid-July begins the annual song contest “Slavic Bazaar”. Often as an invited guest at the event in favor of the winner of “Eurovision”. However, this year preference was given to the Ukrainian singer Jamal, who took first place, and Sergey Lazarev.

      “Sometimes we invite the winner of “Eurovision”, and sometimes not. Is completely our own. This year the winner in Vitebsk will not. We did not have time to engage in discussion of conditions of arrival Jamala. We had to solve other problems, that’s all”, explained the absence of Ukrainian singer, Director of the festival Yulia Vilanova.
      Сергей Лазарев вновь затмил Джамалу

      Thus, Sergey Lazarev once again sing the song “You are the only one”, which is so loved by the European public. Fans of “Eurovision”, the outcome of the contest even began to sign a petition to recognize the results null and void. The scandal erupted after it became clear that the Danish jury mistakenly gave Jamal 12 points. Netizens began to collect signatures, to cancel results of competition.

      Internet users signed a petition about cancellation of results of “Eurovision”

      “We understand that the vote in the jury and the voting audience is a complex and emotional process, but the number of people that have signed this petition shows that many are confident that “winner” this year chosen not the performer who deserved it”, – was stated on the page of the document, which the European broadcasting Union promised to consider.

      The organizers of the contest in Vitebsk “Slavic Bazaar” I hope that the audience will be delighted by session musicians.

      “Everyone is very happy with this choice. Will also act as the participant of “Eurovision-2016″ singer IVAN. It is enough for us”, – said the publication Vilanova Life.

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