Страна вспоминает Жанну Фриске в день ее рождения Today gone singer would have turned 42 years old. Zhanna Friske was not a year ago, a star died after a long battle with brain cancer. In your birthday, she always received lots of congratulations and flowers.

      Страна вспоминает Жанну Фриске в день ее рождения

      Every year on 8 July Zhanna Friske took numerous congratulations from all parts of the world. Thousands of fans and hundreds of friends wished her birthday good health, love, success on the stage… last year the stars did not. The artist died on the field a long battle with glioblastoma. The development of cancer failed to stop the best doctors in Russia and abroad. The whole country collected money for treatment Janna from brain cancer, but fate decreed otherwise.

      100 extremely rare photos of Zhanna Friske

      Fans of the Series remember of the beloved singer. On her grave always has fresh flowers, and their number is not reduced. Social networking fans share songs and pictures of Jeanne in communities dedicated to it. Today about stars written by many kind and sad words.

      “Darling, dear, honey, light our, today you would have turned 42. It’s been a year, still can’t believe you’re not with us anymore. Let there in heaven you’ll have it all good! Asterisk our bright, we all love and will never forget you. Good on you, angel,” these words leave fans of Jeanne.
      Страна вспоминает Жанну Фриске в день ее рождения

      Colleagues and friends also remember Friske in her birthday. Some people publish a rare photo with the singer. For example, Olga Orlova once again shared with appreciative fans a picture in which Jeanne young and happy. Others are turning to a bygone star on their pages in social networks.

      “How much happiness you gave to people, how much love he gave to family and friends. We remember you and love, and nothing can change that,” wrote Anna Semenovich.

      “We have today would be a holiday… Jeanne… birthday… Miss you…”, – left his post as a close friend Friske Catherine Tsvetova.

      In a recent interview with “StarHit” Tsvetova told that Jeanne until the last moment believed in the best and kept a positive attitude.

      A close friend Friske: “Joan wanted a big wedding, chose a dress”

      “When we met, talked several hours about it, talking about, planning, treatment. Jeanne was very quiet, constantly repeated the words: “When I get better…” that was all of it. Lived easily. Even sent me a picture of her two grandmothers, wrinkled, gnarled, mini-skirts, hats, hairstyles, and funny. And the caption: “It’s you in old age! We will be cheerful attendants, fire fly!”, – said Catherine.

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