Ksenia Borodina admired the natural beauty of the

Ксения Бородина восхитила естественной красотой The TV presenter showed a photo without makeup. Fans of Ksenia Borodina found that without make-up on her face, the star looks very cute and feminine.

      Ксения Бородина восхитила естественной красотой

      Famous girls and famous beauties never appear in public without makeup and beautifully coiffed hair. When it comes to photos, they are also often “embellish” their faces using photoshop to look spectacular. Fans I can understand how the stars look in the home environment.

      TV presenter Ksenia Borodina also never allows herself to be brought to fans without any makeup on your face. But before the star decided to change their tradition and showed himself in the form in which it can see the closest people. That is, and without a hint of make-up. Selfie active without makeup, Kseniya Borodina has published in the microblog, not accompanied by any comments, apparently deciding not to push their fans, and giving them the opportunity to decide whether to say something about its genuine image. Few were able to pass by the photos of Ksenia Borodina, where she looks different from usual. The picture led fans leading “House-2” in real delight. Followers immediately noted that the star without makeup looks really cute and fresh, and naturally she is still beautiful and in full feather.

      “Without makeup is completely different! So much better”, “Slightly different! But if you look closely, then Yes, it is our lifelong friend Ksenia, Ksyusha – media personality, makeup is for her image. But still she’s a mother and wife, and like all of us, has the right to rest. What is she without makeup? Good, dear, live!”, “Beautiful naturalness! Very”, “so pretty, precious!”, – such comments leave below the picture of Ksenia Borodina her fans.

      It is worth noting that recently the controversial imagery in the genre of “stars without makeup” used to chase the paparazzi. These workers strove cameras to catch celebrities at the exit of the Barber shop, doctor’s office or fitness center. And all that, just to confront them in a very unsightly view and to show the fans that the divas don’t always Shine with the perfect hair and make-up. And indeed, the glossy picture is sometimes different from the truth of life. But over time, the trend waned in fashion now natural beauty, and after a series of treatments known many girls and women can afford to show themselves in its natural form, without embellishment. Your photo without makeup, in addition to Ksenia Borodina, has already shown such famous ladies as Julia Kovalchuk, Anna Semenovich, Larisa Guzeeva, Evelina khromtchenko and many others.

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