Бейонсе рассказала о своей самой большой гордости

Beyonce collects stadiums, have already earned millions, won a Grammy and performed at the super bowl (even twice), but the biggest achievement she believes does not work – nothing of the above is not pleasing to her as the birth of his daughter blue ivy. On this and many other artist said in an interview with Garage.

Бейонсе рассказала о своей самой большой гордости
“Of all the most enjoyable and significant moments in my life, I most cherish and are proud of the birth of my daughter blue ivy” — said Beyonce. My daughter she bore in January 2012 in marriage with rapper Jay-Z, with whom, if you believe the rumors, is on the verge of divorce. Singer argues that the ability to be a good mother learned from her own mother Tina Knowles, which he considers his hero.

“My biggest hero was and always will be my mother. She taught me to care for others, work tirelessly, and head to work. Everything I know about motherhood, she instilled in me by example. She really inspired me and my sisters, taught us to be thankful and to focus on the right things. I am a very punctual person, and myself set deadlines work, I can’t work under someone’s leadership or, especially, pressure. Enough that I’m too self-critical. I love to be involved in the process 100 % and I like it very much” — said Beyonce.


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