Ksenia Alferova told about the new addition to the family

Ксения Алферова рассказала о прибавлении в семье In house presenter appeared lovely baby. Ksenia Alferova contemplating a new pet. Fluffy white rabbit with black ears instantly became everyone’s favorite.

The theater and film actress and television presenter Ksenia Alferova shared with fans of good news. The family star and her husband, the actor Yegor Beroev appeared adorable baby. Ksenia Alferova is looking for a way to get out of depression

Couple delighted with the newest member of your friendly company that already has the cat and the dog breed “Beagle”. By the way, the dog received a very warm reaction to completion. This can be judged by the image that Ksenia Alferova has placed in his microblog. Beagle clung to the muzzle small fluffy lumps, as though to warm him. Under the photo of the actress spoke about the new member of the family and urged his followers to come up with a witty caption for the picture.

“Hello everybody! Some ideas of names for this picture?! For information: on the photo is our Mary and the new family member Bunny Shura!” – fun said Ksenia Alferova.

Fans of the stars are with pleasure joined in the game offered. “Little information. Where brothers-in-law’s ears?”, “Hanky-panky – the first thing that comes to mind,” “You, Marus, don’t be afraid! Formed, Marus!”, “Love like sleep”, “Have to adopt”, “gotta eat, but conscience does not allow dog”, – enthusiastically come up with a caption to the photo of the subscribers Ksenia Alferova.

Ksenia Alferova is known not only for their appearances in films and on stage and the role of leading the program “Wait for me”, but the fact that a few years ago along with her husband and colleague on the stage Egor Beroev she organized a charity Fund “I am!”. Now, artists regularly organize various activities in support of children with special needs. The couple believe that guys like that are amazing, and their need to support and appreciate their inner world, and all others not to feel constrained in dealing with them. Just before together with special children and their peers Kseniya and Egor held a tree-planting action.

“Everyone, this is my favorite Sunny beautiful Masha! Maria the happy owner of an extra chromosome. We with Masha and her friends yesterday planted as much as 10 thousand seedlings! Our amazing forest now will delight residents of the city vlasikha. Thanks to everyone who was with us last night!” – wrote under the picture with the girl Ksenia Alferova.