VIDEO: “Younger!” — Sergey Bezrukov had a perfect vacation in Israel

ВИДЕО: «Помолодел!» — Сергей Безруков провел идеальный отпуск в Израиле
Actor with good use of vacant time.

Your weekend Sergey Bezrukov holds in Israel. May 14, Gesher theater actor will present the local audience, your solo performance. But he arrived there in advance to combine a business trip and a vacation.

Sergey Bezrukov

Photo: @Instagram s_bezrukov Sergei Bezrukov

Some days Sergey is enjoying the warm sun, the Dead sea, reading books and favorite snack — hummus. Moves 43-year-old Bezrukov on tel Aviv on a Bicycle, the most environmentally friendly form of transport. Perhaps this combination gives an amazing effect of rejuvenation, not to notice which fans could not.

Sergey has published in his microblog a few videos and photos from a trip to Israel. One of them, the artist looks at least ten years younger than his real age. In any case, the fact of such transformation “fixed” his loyal fans. “As younger! Rested and beautiful! Cult personality”, “Sergey — Benjamin button, time goes backwards!”, “How does he do it? Your perfect!” — posted by Bezrukov.