Family the new President of France: misalliance, a secret love and seven grandchildren

Семья нового президента Франции: мезальянс, тайная любовь и семеро внуков Emmanuel macron does not cease to thank wife for support. The man fell in love with the mother of his classmate and in spite of everything was able to get her location. After the wedding with Bridget in 2007 at the young politician’s career began.
Семья нового президента Франции: мезальянс, тайная любовь и семеро внуков

The seventh of may in France have passed elections of the 25th President of the Republic. In the second round for the position of head of state fought two candidate marine Le Pen and Emmanuel macron. The man received more than 66% of the vote. May 14 will be the inauguration of a new President – Francois Hollande will be given the authority to Emmanuel Macron. The wife of the head of state, respectively, will be the first lady.

The love story of Emmanuel Macron and his wife Bridget started in 1993. At that time 16-year-old future President studied at the Lyceum, where he taught French language Madame Osler. Her daughter Laurence told the mother that in her class there was an unusual student who surprises everyone with her knowledge and energy. Personally, Brigitte and Emmanuel met in the theatrical circle, a woman directed electives. Together they come up with plays for the school theatre. After a while they became such good friends that could speak on almost any topic.

“Gradually I am more and more amazed at his mind. At the time I wondered how deep it is,” recalled Bridget the beginning of their romance.

Nothing was confused Makron – no impressive difference in age nor the presence of his beloved family and children. A woman older than his fan for 24 years and raised three heirs. No circumstances become an obstacle to love of the future policy – he decided in that whatever was to win the heart of lady.

Семья нового президента Франции: мезальянс, тайная любовь и семеро внуков

However, the affair of the students and teacher began. At the time Emmanuel was 17 years old and Bridget was 41. Despite the fact that the woman was still officially married to banker husband, andré Louis Ozerom, she did not abandon love of the young man. The parents of Emmanuel could not fail to notice a difference in the life of the son. When they figured out what was the matter, decided to send a young person to finish school in Paris. Leaving Amiens, he promised that he would marry Bridget. Every Friday he took the train ticket and returned to his hometown.

“You will not be able to get rid of me, I will return and marry you!” – told the young man.

Madame Osler also moved to the French capital. However, only 12 years later, she got a divorce and the next year married the Makron. It happened on 20 October 2007. At the ceremony, the bride was dressed in an elegant short white dress, and the groom chose a pink tie. During the celebration, Emmanuel gave this characteristic to their Union: “something is not quite normal, our couple is not normal, although I don’t like that adjective”. Later in his book, “Revolution”, he said that their love was “the first secret, often hidden, incomprehensible.” Emmanuel does not get tired to thank my wife because she appeared in his life. After the wedding the young man career started to gain momentum.

The couple were non-public life – only in 2015, they appeared together at a reception in honor of the king of Spain. At that time, the young politician held the post of Minister of economy. Photos of the couple from the event spread all over the world. Bridget became a mainstay and support for ambitious policy she left teaching to spend with her husband more time.

Close to the family of the new President of France, emphasize that the age difference between Emmanuel and Bridget are not felt: they say that the couple have the similar temperament, sense of humor and Outlook on life.

Now Emmanuel is 39 years old, and his wife is 63. The Macron seven grandchildren grow up. In an interview with the politician admitted that no regrets that he had no blood heirs – he is quite satisfied with a large family of his wife and thankful that her children approved of their Union.