Ксения Алферова поделилась воспоминаниями об отце The actress admitted that yearns for the relative. Ksenia Alferova told subscribers microblog about what was her dad. A woman dedicated to Alexander Abdulov touching post.
Ксения Алферова поделилась воспоминаниями об отце

Ksenia Alferova has been nine years trying to come to terms with the loss of his father. Recall that the legendary actor Alexander Abdulov became the third of January 2008. His death was a serious blow for the family. Alferova says that he feels a close connection with the Pope and do not forget to share with fans their feelings.

So, in anticipation of the next birthday of his father, the artist published on Instagram a record dedicated to him. She openly spoke about the sadness she feels, remembering about Alexander Gavriilovich, and admitted that she still considers him alive.

“This time I do not want to write a lot. Just to say: thank you, Lord, because my life was so amazing, anyone not like, talented, rowdy, big man! Really miss him. Very. Wrote “was” and realized that it is wrong. There is such a person! After all, his unconditional love lives in me and is very helpful! Thank you!” – Xenia has shared with the followers.

Fans of the actress shared her feelings and pardalis memories about the deceased. They told why once, once and forever fell in love with actor and now desperately miss him. Some users of the “Instagram” expressed a desire to review all the pictures with a celebrity as a sign of devotion and respect for him.

“The most beautiful man your dad is! The bright memory of him!”, “Love it! Yes, that’s right, not in the past tense! Your father is a genius!”, “Great talent!”, “A stunning and bright! Real!”, You’re a lucky woman, because all around you such wonderful men!”, “A piece of Alexander will remain forever in all who saw him. We are composed of experiences, so from his look, the way, moles on the neck,” commented the subscribers Ksenia her post.

By the way, the artist also reminded followers that four years ago she, along with her husband Yegor Beroev she created a documentary film “the Inventor”. The basis of the tape laid down the details of the life of Alexander Gavriilovich. Then, especially for the anniversary of the actor, his older daughter decided to tell about what really was the celebrated artist. Before starting, she admitted she wants to create a fabulous journey to the “land of the Pope”, which will be permitted only his closest people.

Now the film can be viewed on the Internet. It tells the story of a complex, exciting and happy moments of the biography Abdulov. For example, how did you get to know him a loyal friend Andrei Makarevich. According to fans of men, this picture – a real guide to the life of their pet.