Soloist “Ranetok” suddenly reunited after many years

Солистки «Ранеток» внезапно воссоединились спустя много лет The girls admitted that they would like to work together again. Participants of the once popular musical group broke the silence and recorded a video message to fans. They told me what you do currently and how did you survive the breakup of the band.
Солистки «Ранеток» внезапно воссоединились спустя много лет

10 Aug 2005 the country for the first time met with five talented girls from the group Ranetki: Anya Rudneva, Lena Tretyakova, Leroy Kozlova, Shchelkovo Natasha and Zhenya Cucumbers. That day they instantly became favorites of young fans. Girls sung their songs, copied the images and to imitate the manners. And already three years later, on TV came the TV series of the same name, where each soloist played herself. Fans were delighted.

However, in 2012, the band announced its breakup. In the entire history of the existence of girl gangs were the scandals and drama, and betrayal. Now, five years after the split, all the girls of the team lead an active lifestyle, engage in self-development and found his calling. Some of them have built a music career, and someone who radically changed his field of activity. Star “Justin Bieber” broke the long silence and decided to answer the questions of the loyal fans. The ex-soloist revealed the details of his life. “Ranetki” 10 years later: a failed marriage, illness and techniques of psychics

“My daughter was born, and then another, and son. But immediately after the collapse there was so much around, and talked a lot of things. Like, I went crazy I was crazy I was put in the hospital. Then, of course, it was difficult to take it for one simple reason – I was in position. And my grandmother was forced to stop to read it all. And I cried because all was not as it was written. I was very upset, and I tried all the time to explain to anyone, until I realized that it is useless,” said Anna Rudneva.

Now Anna together with her husband own a music Studio, where they offer vocal lessons and guitar. Left the creative direction and another participant “Ranetok” – Eugene Ogurtsova. Girl has her own punk band “Red”. It dramatically changed your way: now, instead of the perky girl with hair the color of the sun on the scene extravagantly tattooed young woman. By the way, recently Evgenia and her husband had a son.

The bass player Lena Tretyakov decided to go to another area. She now gets the second higher education at the faculty of psychology. Natasha Shelkova happy married producer Sergey Milnichenko. The couple are raising two talented daughters, and the singer is making progress in the field of installation. One of the highlights of the “Ranetok” – Lera Kozlova – continues to pursue a solo career. The girls have a lot of copyright hits. But Valeria still recalls with a smile the women’s gang. In the video she shared a funny incident that occurred while working on the series.

“Do you remember your first kiss on the Playground. It was my first day of shooting. I was so worried when I went there. Even asked for a photo of a man with whom I will kiss. But I never showed. In the end, drank ten tablets of Valerian because of the excitement”, – said the musician.

Also, the girls remembered why split up such a popular group. They admitted that at the time the incident took a negative and did not understand than they now do. But many years later realized it was correct a wise decision. According to them, now they are happy and have no regrets. On the contrary, “Ranetki”, grateful for the fact that they managed to meet each other. However, girls don’t reject the opportunity to record the song together.

“Then there was a very strong brainwashing. You don’t want to think about it and airing dirty Laundry. We were all a little silly, and of course, we somehow managed. So blame no one will. And, actually, we broke up, because it’s time. And indeed, we are at a time like took off the rose-colored glasses and seriously thought about everything,” – said the soloist of group “Ranetki”.