Николай Фоменко высказался о рукоприкладстве The artist explained how it affects children. Nikolai Fomenko believes that in any situation with kids need to talk and explain to them the error. In his opinion, only this approach is acceptable in education.
Николай Фоменко высказался о рукоприкладстве

The famous artist, musician and presenter Nikolai Fomenko has four children – two daughters and two sons, and three grandchildren. On the example of his family a man may give advice on the upbringing of the heirs. He admits that he always tries to instil in them universal human values. Fomenko does not understand those parents who think that sometimes boys can raise their hand. The man believes that the kids will never forget and will not forgive mom and dad such attitude.

Nicholas believes that the only solution in the fight against disobedience and whims of children – only in conversations, even if adults think that the heirs are too small and do not understand anything.

“Those who apply the physical violence to children, in 20 years you will get a terrible answer. After all, nothing is forgotten. You have that language to explain, no? If you think your child is stupid, it is a huge minus. It’s the people who continue to sling mud at each other after the divorce. If a man marries a woman and then says that she was a fool, then he is a fool because he was married to a fool. With a child you need to talk, you may lack the intelligence for that. It is easier to give him the gadget in the hand, and then in the ass – that’s all the education. It’s not me. Our family doesn’t work”, – said the showman.
Николай Фоменко высказался о рукоприкладстве

Despite the fact that now many children have modern means of communication – smartphones, tablets, and also accounts in various social networks, Nikolai Fomenko is trying to protect children from this. He admitted that his younger son prefers to spend time reading a book than in front of a monitor.

“Social networks are a downed pilot. Before “Facebook” was an elite club for intellectuals, for students, and now it’s all over. Mass always leads to a lack of popularity. People need to talk to each other instead of texting. The human voice is the most important thing we have,” – said the man.

Fomenko admits that the kids even have free time to waste on empty conversations in chat rooms. He said that the heirs do music and sports. In addition to social networks, the head of the family restricts children watching TV. Despite the fact that many admire the movies that came out in the USSR, Nikolai thinks they are a bit outdated.

“I would not advise anything Soviet, although there are plenty of wonderful, but a lot of reality left. For example, in “Diamond hand”: may you live on one salary – the child will not understand”, – said Fomenko journalists of the edition of Woman’s Day.