Крис Дженнер подаст в суд на Кейтлин Дженнер

We started to think that relationships between ex-spouses Kris Jenner and Kathleen Jenner (then it was Bruce) began to cool, as women are once again ready to bite at each other’s throats. The reason for this was the book transgender, which soon should be published. Ex-wife ex-Olympian said he will sue him/her if the fiction is at least a word about it. And, I must say, all campaign books are built on the fact that Caitlin will tell you all the dirty details of the Chris marriage.

“De..mo already hit the fan, but the book’s not even written yet. Chris already said he wants to be alert and not allow Kathleen to write this book. She sues to get an official ban on the distribution of about yourself. If that didn’t work, she wanted to read the book first to know that it is represented there in a good light” — said the insider.
Meanwhile, the Western media reported that this “masterpiece of journalism” should appear on the shelves of bookstores next year. Caitlin has already contacted Chris and said that in the book we will focus on the transformation of Bruce into a woman, and not about their marriage, but insiders know that’s a blatant lie, because for high sales, it should give enough dirty Laundry. Moreover, American athlete began to change their gender still being a married man. In General, no Chris will not do.
Recall that stepdaughter Caitlin do you want to chat with her after the curse their mother. They pulled away from the ex-stepfather and waiting for his apology. The latter, in turn, believes that they just need time.

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