Иосиф Пригожин хочет лишить дочь фамилии

The quarrel of the famous producer Joseph Prigogine and his daughter Danae after the scandalous appearance of the girls on the project “Dom-2” has got relatives in a remote corner. The girl claims that the father simply abandoned her and refuses to communicate, and in the last conversation altogether advised to change her name so as not to disgrace the family.

Recall that Danae Prigogine spent nothing at all. It is not excluded that the girl had refused further participation because of a quarrel with the Pope, but she claims that she just did not like the telestroke love.
In an interview with one of the editions of Danae complained that he sees from his father no help, no money, and achieves everything by herself. Here and in the “House-2” has gone from a desire to Express themselves to the public, and it happened that exacerbated the already strained relationship with his father.
“I know what “House-2″. Honestly, I went there for PR and promotion. Moreover, the Pope to me is not helping. Here and decided on their own to get through. But when the father found out about this after recording the broadcast, then called me and cursed. He said I was a disgrace to the whole race, that he was such a daughter do not need. But in the end was advised to change the name. I’m really offended. He’s the producer, versed in PR… Well, would have helped then! Many friends also began to throw mud, to write nasty things. Dad is now generally won’t talk to me” she said.
Friends of the girl confirmed her words, they say that Danae is not enough fatherly love, and its very frustrating, this attitude of Joseph. Once in an interview, talking casually about his daughter, he said “every family has its black sheep.” It is extremely wronged her, and now father still demands to change the name.
Prigogine himself shocked because daughter went on such a project for glory. He believes that it would be better to educate, not participating in questionable Slav programs. Joseph admits that he feels bad and ashamed leased, but there’s nothing he can do about it – she doesn’t listen to him.
“We, of course, terrified. I find it hard to resist this situation, it is useless to talk it’s like talking to a wall. I’m absolutely embarrassed and ashamed of what was Given went to this show. Well, what can I do? Nonsense she has to pay. As the saying goes, every family has its black sheep, and I don’t mean my family, I say this in General. Better training and education, I was pleased. Daddy untwisted name, but she has attitude no more than Zhirinovsky, the ballet,” he said.

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