Анастасия Волочкова рассказала, как она получила «Майбах»

And you are jealous of Anastasia Volochkova? In this particular case we are talking about expensive gifts, luxury vacations in exotic resorts and many beautiful colors.

The Anastasia is sure, that envy is the feeling that accompanies any person who scrolls down her instagram. To dot the I and tell you where she has all of the above.

“My dear, how are you? My team reports that many can’t handle my gifts,Maybach, armfuls of white roses, my success, my projects, my splits, luxury holidays, etc. my Suns, well, you’ll forgive me — I have DESERVED it!!! So, here’s my spagatik next on a small boat. And a glass of champagne for you raised. Moet&Chandon rose. Be kind, and maybe you too will love!” — so ballerina signed photograph of her once famous twine.

Incidentally, the last expensive gift Anastasia has become a luxury white Maybach, worth $ 10 million.

According to the ballerina, the machine she got as a gift from a person, “who surrounded her with care and love.”

“I can honestly say: today I’m in love and really happy! The man who appeared in my life, surrounded me with love, attention and care, which I so long dreamed. Yes, as long as your companion, I don’t advertise. Recently started to follow the adage “Happiness is to be quiet!”. It loves the silence!” — told the dancer to the press.

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