Кортни Кардашьян собирается покинуть популярное реалити-шоу ради бизнеса

All thanks, all are free. The American star of the reality show “living with the Kardashian” 37-year-old Courtney, the oldest of the famous sisters, is determined to leave the popular program. The mother of three children earned enough to take care of children and to establish your own business away from the cameras and television.

“Courtney is tired of the turmoil, and it needs time to rest. Anyone who knows her will attest to that” — said the insider, and added that after her husband Courtney Scott Disick began his struggle with alcoholism, the woman barely had enough time on the show and raising three children, Mason, Penelope and the Rhine.
“After all this drama Courtney, who was always happy was on the show, she just wants to be left alone. She has earned enough on a reality show and will always be grateful for that, but now she would like to do something else. For example, to establish your brand as Jessica Alba” — said the insider.
However, it is unlikely in the near future Courtney will be able to relax from the show in 2015 she has extended his contract with the producers until 2019.
“Courtney understands that until 2019, no one will let her go. She agreed to a subordinate role in the show, while Chris and Kim pulled on the whole program. It is quite satisfied living in the shadows” — said the source.

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