Амалия Мордвинова о четвертом браке: «Это не выгодно никому» Extravagant actress and the poet has explained why more are not going to marry. Amaliya Mordvinova has four children, works closely with their fathers and feels a strong woman.

      Famous actress Amalia Mordvinova recently revealed to the world a new talent. She appeared before the public as a poetess. The artist presented his book “the Concept of the garden of Eden”. Philosophical reflection, romantic line, however, did not prevent the star of life to remain a strong woman is exactly that she thinks she is.

      Meanwhile, the actress does not accept attentions from the opposite sex. The fact that the life of a star has already lined up a certain system of interaction with children and ex-husbands, so space for a new relationship actually remains.

      “I have four children and work relationships with their fathers. A new marriage could undermine this design, as it does not benefit anyone of the participants of this tandem,” says Amalia.

      Interestingly, the actress doesn’t allow herself to even flirt. “In my life, he is completely absent. As they say, I these lips of children the whole. I am a mother and consciously limit themselves in dealing with the male sex. My man can only be my husband,” said Mordvinov. It is worth noting that while Amalia still attracts a lot of attention from many men, who are big fans of her work.

      The full interview with Amalia Mordvinova, visit the website of the magazine “Marie Claire”.

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      It is noteworthy that Mordvinova is sometimes just no time to think about his personal life. She has so many things to bring up four children is a difficult task. Fortunately, the fathers of the heirs of help actress. For example, Vadim Belyaev, from which Amalia’s son Herman and daughter Evangelina and Seraphim, selected with children at mass events, such as American football. The eldest daughter of the actress Diana does and believes of the father of Alexander Goldansky very the main authority in their lives.

      “In the upbringing of Diana we are companions with Alexander Goldansky, and three Junior we grow together with Vadim Belyaev. Of course, we have differences on some issues: the question of power, for example. I am against the use of meat of for the reason that meat is corpses of dead animals. Dad sometimes secretly from me, commit sabotage and give the children to try the case. But I remain calm: the concept of meat-eaters such weak stories of doctors about the proteins that are supposedly built the human body. I had to delve deeply into this subject to verify itself, and the opponents to prove that it has nothing to do with reality,” says the star.

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