Суд выдал разрешение на арест бойфренда Кайли Дженнер

19th birthday was darkened for Kylie Jenner sad event. The guy is the youngest of the sisters Kardashian-Jenner – rapper Taiga was under the attention of law enforcement. The reason was that a huge amount of debt that has accumulated a young performer. We are talking about 480 thousand dollars. In the document, who wrote the court stated that this amount had accumulated over several months of renting a luxury home in Malibu, and for all the destruction that Taiga had left behind.

Note that the monthly rent accounted for 16 thousand dollars. Everything else – the cost of rebuilding a house after the “Typhoon” that it happened.

According to TMZ, the musician was supposed to appear in court to testify, but he never showed up, prompting the judge to authorize the arrest of the rapper. The actor claims he is bankrupt, but in light of his recent purchases for Jenner is in doubt. Birthday sweetheart Taiga presented Kylie Mercedes Maybach S-600 for 200 thousand dollars.

Now in the fleet of 19-year-old girl, except for the Maybach, there are Mercedes-Benz Wagon, Rolls-Royce Ghost, Range Rover Autobiography and Ferrari.

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