Константин Меладзе распрощался с одной из солисток «ВИА Гры» In the group there have been major changes. Misha Romanova decided to start a new period in my life. Apparently the producer has already found a replacement artist. More recently, instead of it coming to the stage is another girl singer Olga Megansa.

Last week, the Network appeared rumors that the group “VIA Gra” is leaving one of the singers – 27-year-old Natalia Mogilenets, better known as Misha Romanova. After a time, the actress has officially confirmed the information that received wide publicity.

In his address to the fans of Misha signaled that it intends to focus on his personal life. From other details, the singer chose to abstain.

“The most important task of a woman is love. And sometimes she needs a firm decision. For a while the artist in me lost to a woman… So I’m leaving the band, but leave part of his soul,” Romanova wrote in the microblog.

She also thanked Konstantin Meladze and colleagues over the years spent together, and Mike joined the popular group in 2013. there was Talk that Romanova had conflicts with Erica Herceg and Anastasia Kozhevnikova, but the Director of the team denied the rumors.

“These were years filled with wonderful music genius, adored producer Konstantin Meladze. Thank you, Kostya, for this chance, for the faith and support for the beautiful songs that warm the hearts of many listeners! Eric and Anastasia, we were a team, in one piece, I will very much miss you! This page of life will forever remain in my memory,” – said Misha.

Apparently, the place Misha did not stay free. The days of “VIA Gra” pleased with his songs of Tbilisi citizens. Instead Romanova appeared on the stage another girl, 24-year-old Olga Muganskaya from St. Petersburg. It is known that in the near future, the group will perform a new composition in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The rumors about the departure of Misha Romanova of “VIA gra” was exaggerated in the Network the last few years. In 2014 there is information about the fact that girls are very complex, which allegedly constantly had issues with Erica, and Anastasia. “This is some provocative stories, no changes in the composition of the group not provided. Misha – beautiful, delicate, thin girl. Girls in “VIA GRE” know how to listen to each other, work in teams and stellar manners they have no”, – said the representative of the collective.

In 2016, fans of girls were worried about the rumors about a possible departure of “VIA gra” Anastasia Kozhevnikova. They were subsequently denied by the Manager of the artistes. He said that Anastasia fell ill and could not come to work in Moscow together with colleagues. In connection with the condition Kozhevnikova, Director of the team had to make adjustments in the scheduled concerts.