Алексей Булдаков: бесконечное скитание и поиски любви Today the star of Russian cinema 67 years old. Aleksey Buldakov known for his roles in dozens of films, including “peculiarities of national hunting”, “peculiarities of national fishing”, “I – Russian soldiers.
Алексей Булдаков: бесконечное скитание и поиски любви

Alexey Buldakov was born in the village Makarovka of the Altai territory in the family of a Soviet driver. Soon they had to move and their new home became the city of Pavlodar, in Kazakhstan. Alesha kicked: he’s not the only child in the family, grew up with two sisters and two brothers.

In school, the future actor was engaged in Boxing, while in early childhood wanted to become a pilot. He never came to dream of becoming an artist. But that only works so long as Alex did not get to the premiere of “Big life”, starring starred Peter Oleynikov.

The young man was so charmed by the acting that all his dreams were devoted only to the stage and silver screen.

“I remember it was autumn when I left the cinema and walked to the bus stop. Indian summer, the leaves yellow fall. It was standing-and say: I’m an artist!” – shares memories of career choices Aleksei Ivanovich.
Алексей Булдаков: бесконечное скитание и поиски любви

The parents of his son’s choice, so to speak, and not supported, however, and prevent not steel. Alex began to attend drama school at the Pavlodar drama theatre, slowly adopted it in the “main” company. So the dream of a young man beginning to come true, but acting thank Buldakova in Pavlodar was short-lived: soon, Alexei Ivanovich was drafted into the army, after which he had been waiting for stage of Tomsk drama theatre. But these stages were not to Buldakova family: quarreled with the Director, the actor wrote a letter of resignation and left the city. Alexei Ivanovich returned to Pavlodar, where he worked for a tractor factory. There is also once again realized my true calling, threw hard work and continued to “roam” from one provincial theatre to another. Positives in the cities and villages, decided Alexei Ivanovich to conquer the capital pobulic. First Peter, then Moscow. A new life has opened before him new difficulties, and the artist once again had to learn another skill – cooking. It’s all for the sake of economy with a constant lack of work. In General, also learned to cook. And to cook like that today serves its preparation are known not less, than talent.

“I spend half my life without money and housing, on the street. How many times have you Packed a suitcase and went nowhere…” confessed the actor in an interview.
Алексей Булдаков: бесконечное скитание и поиски любви

…The actor was married twice. The first marriage of Alexei Ivanovich lasted only two years, his choice was a Belarusian actress Lyudmila Karanina. The relationship did not work, as the mother-in-law all the time saw the son-in-law of the attacker: he supposedly wanted to get Minsk apartment of the parents of the actress, and then this estate to exchange. Statement women greatly offended the artist – followed by a divorce.

The actor continued to live in Minsk where he met the woman who gave him a child. Buldakov never married her. And now it has a grown son Ivan lives in Malta with her mother and stepfather, learns languages.

Her true love, the actor had to find in Moscow. Here it is with open arms took the stage of the Moscow art Theater named after Gorky. By this time, Aleksei Ivanovich was already a Mature professional actor. And still a bachelor.

Alexey considers meeting with his future wife the gift of fate. A week after the premiere of the film “Quiet investigation,” where the actor plays one of main roles, his friends decided to arrange a holiday in honor of the birthday, where he called his friend. Future wife Buldakova was very busy, she repeatedly refused the invitation, but overbearing friends took over. Upon entering the apartment, Lyudmila Andreevna immediately recognized the hero of the sensational premiere. Between them immediately struck up a relationship, and two months later the pair signed. In the life of an actor began a quiet family happiness.

“She [wife] I have a wise woman. Knows that on the set I have are not only kissing, but sex scenes. Then watching a movie on TV and says: “Well, you have me and a womanizer!” And seriously she’s joking or don’t know…” – shares the details of his family life actor.

Today Alexei Buldakov can be seen not only in the movies. The actor rarely gives concerts, but more often is a welcome guest at private events, large celebrations and family holidays. His good nature and acting talent is in demand today.