Валдис Пельш чуть не умер из-за адской боли The host had a recollection for life. A few years ago I was diagnosed with Valdis Pelsh acute pancreatitis. He had to undergo long-term treatment.
Валдис Пельш чуть не умер из-за адской боли

The hero of one of the episodes of “Live healthy” Elena malyshevoy was Valdis Pelsh. Well-known TV presenter told about the disease, who diagnosed him many years ago. Then Valdis turned to the doctors with acute pancreatitis.

When Pelsh was in intensive care, were all seriously excited. According to Malysheva, she will never forget what he looked like at that moment. “Can you tell what I remember. I remember you lying in intensive care sweating. You’re still talking. Next day: you’re all dry, and I can’t even understand consciousness or not. And every time I think of your wife the World that sincerely believe your guardian angel” – shared Elena.

He Pelsh recalls with horror the moment when on the verge of life and death.

“I must say that the pain is so intense that it is remembered for a lifetime. It is believed that these pains are stronger than twice as generic. So I can’t say: “But you don’t give birth” because I gave birth twice as much”, – the artist admitted.

According to Valdis, for it was not difficult to follow a diet that it has appointed doctors. In each of the moments when he wanted to break it, trying to think of the pain that this may entail.

“Walking was difficult, you couldn’t feel your legs. But I had to reshayutsya… the First 10 days of this, of course, old man. You have a drainage connection to the droppers. I had three or four hours a day when I was without them,” said Pelsh.

The doctors decided his problem without surgery. The presenter advises people to monitor their health. Now Valdis is not drinking alcohol, not eating fat and trying not to be nervous.

Pelsh remembered by the audience for the program “guess the melody” and “Drawing”. But his artistic career began not on television, and on stage. In his student years, Valdis founded the rock band “the Accident”. Their boy band became popular, so the boys were invited to tour around the country. At the beginning of the two thousandth Valdis Pelsh has held the position of Director of children’s and entertainment programs of the First channel.