Клара Новикова корит себя в смерти мужа The Joker can’t forgive herself for that day when the death of her husband, sports journalist Yuri Zerchaninov, it was the road. Clara Borisovna told about the tragedy in the “Destiny of man”.
Клара Новикова корит себя в смерти мужа

Famous comedian Klara Novikova performs on stage for 30 years. The artist is loved by millions of viewers not only in Russia but also abroad. However, in personal life Novikova were exceedingly many losses and grief.

In the “Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi Clara B. first told about the betrayal of her first husband – drummer Victor Novikov, and fatal death of the spouse – sports journalist Yuri Zerchaninov…

Novikov grew up in a strict family of Kiev. The father of umoristi Boris Zinovievich, Gerzer forbade future star to enter the acting Department, strict dad is picky about gentlemen artist. Defying parents, Clara graduated from the first Kiev Studio of circus and variety arts, and then moved to the capital of the Soviet Union, where he successfully entered the Moscow theater Institute.

It was in circus school Clara B. met her first husband Victor Novikov. The chosen actress was a drummer. However, the strict father of the actress was again not happy daughter. Soon the pair of umoristi and drummer broke up. Victor raised a hand to Clara Borisovna and suffered from alcoholism.

“Victor didn’t give divorce. This is a very heavy story. He lived with my parents in Kiev, then was led to all their girls. In the end, I built him a separate apartment, we got divorced. More I have not seen him,” recalled Novikov.

Second husband of the actress was a bright, energetic journalist Yury Leonidovich Zerchaninov.

“He was a wonderful storyteller, very well-educated. I was with him wildly I wonder if he was part of the circle of Moscow intelligentsia. Yura invited me to some house, where creative people”, – shared memories of the artist.
Клара Новикова корит себя в смерти мужа

Once Zerchaninov Novikov was invited to the show, it was before the New year. According to the artist after the performance the journalist decided to buy a stand-up vodka to stay warm outside it was very cold and windy. However, Clara B. refused to Yuri Leonidovich. “Then he said to me: “Well, be a provincial fool!” Then we took it to the apartment, and there was a full tub of empty bottles,” said Novikov.

Despite the apartment Zerchaninov, Clara B. remained with him overnight. After that night the lovers are never parted. Soon the couple had a daughter, Maria. According to the memoirs of the woman, to get along with expressive sports journalist was not easy, Zerchaninov smoked a lot, and loved alcohol, but never complained about his health, he played sports.

In 2009 Yuri Leonidovich began to feel ill. He went to the hospital, he had to put a special valve for the heart.

“To me the doctors then said, “You can’t do anything”. But Yura came daughter Mary, sister, cousin, and I went on tour. After one concert back in the room, at this time, the phone rang: “Bother from the Botkin hospital, please accept our condolences.” I dropped the phone crashed. I arrived the next day, we certainly have remembered it. It was so light, we thought of his ridiculous, absurd. Yura was alive, very alive person,” shared Clara Borisovna.

At the end of the program Clara Borisovna admitted that in the eight years since the death of beloved wife, blames himself for what wasn’t there when he died.