Вдовы знаменитых баскетболистов выступили против фильма «Движение вверх» Wives of famous athletes Ovchinnikov Alexander (Belov) and Evgeniya Kondrashina opposed the film, who directed the film Nikita Mikhalkov’s “Trite”, – “moving up”. The film is loosely based on the life of Olympic champion Alexander Belov and coach of the USSR basketball of Vladimir Kondrashin.
Вдовы знаменитых баскетболистов выступили против фильма «Движение вверх»

The film “moving up” goes into wide release today, December 28. The main action in the film revolves around the participation of the USSR national team in basketball at the Olympics 1972 in Munich. The protagonists of those events (and therefore the main characters of the tape) became the Olympic champion Alexander Belov and the deserved trainer of the USSR Eugene Kondrashin.

In the early ‘ 70s, the great basketball coach Kondrashin, just who headed the team, has actually done the impossible. At the Munich Olympics in the team of the USSR under his leadership for the first time in 36 years, snatched victory from US. In the final match. In the last three seconds.

The second hero, basketball player Alexander Belov, went down in history of world sport with their victory, decided the outcome of the game a throw at the last second of the game with the Americans. It was after getting on the scoreboard flashed the final result – 51:50 in favor of the Soviet team…

The leading role in “moving up” was performed by Vladimir Mashkov, Ivan Kolesnikov, Andrey Smolyakov, Sergey Garmash, Marat Basharov, Viktoriya Tolstoganova and many other famous actors.

However, the widow of the famous basketball player Alexander Ovchinnikov (Belova) and Eugene Kondrashin performed strongly against the picture. They tape not seen – only read the script. According to the women in the film it is very distorted tells about the life of famous athletes.

According to Ovchinnikova, the screenplay is not true. The same Belova in the picture represent a terminally ill person during the Olympics-72. In addition, the plot of the athletes travel to America, where I manage to sell eggs brought from the Soviet Union – in the area of type of Harlem. There they play a team with African American players. In the end we are defeated, go to the bar and get drunk.

“Sasha in 1972 was a genius of basketball, the young, very promising, it was possible to remove, something is beautiful! Sasha and so little lived. And here it is already in 1972, do terminally ill. It is very unpleasant. Personally, I really hurt for all of this. They show his personal life, I was opposed to something invented and told. To which I replied: he, they say, and you had a lot of girlfriends, you are the only one. I honestly want to cry, still not watching this movie. Let the Studio “Trite” (owned by Nikita Mikhalkov. – Ed.) movie about the family Mikhalkov, where his family will drink will be terminally ill, will behave inappropriately, sleep with anyone. Let him withdraw and say that this is fiction,” said Ovchinnikov.
Вдовы знаменитых баскетболистов выступили против фильма «Движение вверх»

According to Alexandra Pavlovna, she asked the creators of the film to remove at least some of the script. However, she refused, citing the fact that the film was going to be bad. “Now it was a good film, I’m very happy for them, but we want to cry,” added the widow of a basketball player Belov.

Wife of the late coach Kondrashin believes that the script writers have never been at a basketball game and have no idea how Vladimir Petrovich behaved at the game. According to Yevgeniya V., in the film there is a moment when Kondrashin lost consciousness during the alleged match-fixing with Cuba, then came to himself and asked who won. In addition, in the film there is the image of the son of the coach, wheelchair Yuri. His father is trying to speculate the currency to ensure Jure operation. According to the widow of the coach, surgical intervention their child was conducted. The final picture of the boy and is starting to walk. While the jury all his life confined to a wheelchair – he has cerebral palsy.

Kondrashin also told the journalists that he will sue if the movie creators don’t take from the film episode about fraud on the part of its native people. The producers promised to change the scenario, but, according to the widow of the famous Soviet trainer, the fixes were minor. In the end the Studio had to change the name of the hero to avoid responsibility. Now he appears as Mr Garanin (played by Vladimir Mashkov).

“This is such bullshit. The only thing that it coincides with the reality – the victory in Munich. Everything else is not. And write about us like we the courts are started for money. Yes, we would probably have paid money to is not appearing in the light,” said Eugene Kondrashin in an interview with Regnum.

It is worth noting that the filmmakers consulted with players that once played and trained in the legendary team of Alexander Belov and Vladimir Kondrashin.

“First, the request to help in the film I refused. Don’t really understand what happens there and how. The first time I have read the complete script of the film, and it should be able to do. But then I found out that the movie is about human destinies, about the time in which we lived, about the psychology of those guys who played and defended the honor of our country. And – agreed. Agreed to clarify some points from the book Sergei Belov (the namesake of Alexander, he also played in the legendary team. – Ed.). When the eyes saw, how’s the film going, I realized that this is a very needed and real thing. Turned out the movie for the people, the audience, about life and about basketball. Which can inspire parents. Leaving the room, they will go to give their children to sports clubs”, – says Ivan Edeshko, Olympic champion in 1972.

Another basketball player Alzhan Zharmuhamedov also comments positively on the film “moving up”.

“I watched “Legend No. 17″. And I loved how people took the picture, what a sense of pride for your sport, for your country Wake up people. I thought our victory in that match too noticeable phenomenon. A movie about her will help the youth learn the important pages of our history, will provide an influx in our sport that lately is not very happy. It was clear that this is not a documentary history, and art, with documentary elements,” says Zharmukhamedov.

The film is about a team of basketball players – this is not the first film about the Soviet sportsmen who have made the great victory. Four years ago on the Russian screens, as has been said, came the film “Legend №17”. Movie based on real events and tells about the life of the famous Soviet hockey player Valery Kharlamov and on the first match “the super Series USSR – Canada” in 1972. The role of the legendary hockey player was played by Danila Kozlovsky. In Russian cinemas the film “the Legend №17” has collected nearly $ 30 million at a cost of 10.

We will remind, relatives of the players reacted favorably to the film. And the script “move up” was written by the playwright Nikolai Kulikov, who was a co-author of the film “Legend №17”. And both films did the film Mikhalkov’s “Trite”.

In addition, last year, Russian box office out the picture of the “Champions Faster. Above. Stronger.” The film consisted of three stories based on real facts from the lives of athletes: wrestler Alexander Karelin, gymnast Svetlana Khorkina and swimmer Alexander Popov. The film is devoted to the movement Champions to gold medals of the Olympic games, after which athletes were the real heroes of the country.