Маргарита Мамун: «Мне обидно за наших олимпийцев» Margarita Mamun, who in September of this year she married swimmer Alexander Sukhorukov, manage to combine career with family. In the sports complex “VTB Ice Palace” today, December 28, premiere of the IV new year sports show of Olympic Champions “For the sport! The city of the future” in which the gymnast will perform a major role. On the eve of setting Margarita gave an interview with “StarHit”, which told about the experiences for the Russian team, and love of soup.
Маргарита Мамун: «Мне обидно за наших олимпийцев»
How do you plan to celebrate the New year? Where?
Маргарита Мамун: «Мне обидно за наших олимпийцев»For me the New year is a family home and a holiday, so I’m not going to change anything and the meeting next year in the company of the friends and relatives. If you go somewhere, then only after midnight.—
Plan to cook salad Olivier, herring under a fur coat and other traditional dishes? Time life remains?
Маргарита Мамун: «Мне обидно за наших олимпийцев»The last few months we are all busy with repairs, but I still try to have time to prepare a sachet of something tasty, for example, now in the fridge is soup! Just finished packing the kitchen, just putting finishing touches, so look forward to the opportunity to cook something. Since the New year we will meet in the family circle, I will help my mom with holiday meals. We try to make Christmas table versatile – combine traditional dishes with a modern classic, for example, in addition to Olivier and herring under a fur coat prepared “Caesar” with shrimp and a salad Nicoise.—
The gift has already ordered? Love surprises?
Маргарита Мамун: «Мне обидно за наших олимпийцев»I chose gifts for family and loved ones in early November. Their choice and I and Sasha very seriously. I rarely get any specific gifts – give someone the opportunity to amaze me. I love surprises, especially gifts of experiences, like a ticket for your favorite artist or balloon flight.
Маргарита Мамун: «Мне обидно за наших олимпийцев»
As for your family with Alexander and distributed responsibilities?
Маргарита Мамун: «Мне обидно за наших олимпийцев»Because we both work, we try to carry an equal amount of responsibilities at home: he usually buys food – I cook. However, sometimes he spoils me with dinners. Trying to maintain order in the apartment, clean together on the weekends.

Alexander is a favorite dish in your performance?
Маргарита Мамун: «Мне обидно за наших олимпийцев»Soup! The one who is now in the fridge.

You got married in September of this year. How do you like married life? Maybe, there is already some tradition?
Маргарита Мамун: «Мне обидно за наших олимпийцев»Family life I love it! A few days after the wedding, we could not realize that we are now husband and wife. A frightened us, that in the first months very hard to get used to each other, but we lived for some time together before this event and the family life began peacefully. Can’t say that life has changed greatly, except that I became even happier.—
How like her husband to spend his free time?
Маргарита Мамун: «Мне обидно за наших олимпийцев»Now we have the final stage of repair, and almost no free time. We are homebodies, love to spend time at home watching movies, cooking. Sometimes I go to events, love to travel.
Маргарита Мамун: «Мне обидно за наших олимпийцев»
You are both athletes. Visit the gym together?
Маргарита Мамун: «Мне обидно за наших олимпийцев»Try to keep in shape, but train at different times due to different work schedules. Prefer different loads. Sasha, of course, visit the pool and gym, I love stretching, Pilates.—
You have to diet, I can tell you about your diet? Are there any beauty secrets?
Маргарита Мамун: «Мне обидно за наших олимпийцев»On any trendy diets or exhausting systems of feeds that I don’t sit, but try to avoid sweet, starchy foods and fast food. Adhere to the “intuitive” power, do not count calories, like salads and grilled fish, eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Try to eat little by little but often. No special secrets, I do not – in everyday life I try at least to use decorative cosmetics and practically does not dry hair.

Already thinking about children? Would you like a large family?
Маргарита Мамун: «Мне обидно за наших олимпийцев»Children, we definitely plan to, but now a lot of plans and projects, including workers who have yet to implement.—
Share your nearest plans.
Маргарита Мамун: «Мне обидно за наших олимпийцев»Now very active period, I make plans for next year, finalize with the team a number of projects. Many discussions and preparations…28 Dec perform at show of Olympic Champions together with Sasha Soldatova and Yana Kudryavtseva. In General, expect to finish repairs by the New year and in a new apartment to relax for the holidays!—
Margarita, tell us about new sports show “the sports! The city of the future”. Who do you play there?
Маргарита Мамун: «Мне обидно за наших олимпийцев»This is a real spectacular and very beautiful performance! In the centre of the play is a story of young athletes-gymnasts and robot Tespian. With them, the audience will go through all the tests, which will develop stunning backdrop of the futuristic 3D-scenery. The show will take part the legendary gymnasts, ballet dancers, circus performers, aerialists, acrobats. To be acrobatic rock-n-roll and trampolines. In General, very interesting! The theme is already determined by the title of the show – “city of the future”. I’ll be one of the four elements: fire, water, air and earth, but what exactly – let the viewer know of coming on the show.

Tell us how you work with partners on the show? With any of them friends?
In the show “For the sport! The city of the future” participate Yana Kudryavtseva, Sasha Soldatova, Julia Bravikova, my teammates and gymnastic hall. Also on stage, the audience will see Dasha Spiridonov and Nikita Nagorny, Olympic medalists in gymnastics, whom we met many times at competitions. So the atmosphere at the show was dominated by the most friendly and we can’t wait to share the result with the audience.