Kitchen according to Vastu. 10 top tips for a harmonious space

Кухня по Васту. 10 основных советов по гармонизации пространства

In the last article I talked a little about this ancient science as Vastu. Now it’s time to talk about the experience of a harmonious space in the kitchen, according to this ancient doctrine.

Кухня по Васту. 10 основных советов по гармонизации пространства

Vastu is the knowledge about the different areas (sides of light) energies and their impact on our lives. Creating harmony in the room, we can easily progress, to achieve success and prosperity.

The role of this knowledge cannot be overemphasized. The greater part of his life we spend in the premises: if we are at home, in the office or go to the store. Energy that is present inside these spaces, which have a strong influence on us. In some areas we feel discomfort, we can not breathe or have constant conflicts. In others Vice versa to be happy and nice. What it depends on? The atmosphere in the house affects not only the mistress of the house, beautiful interior and comfort, but subtle laws.

Many of you know about the existence of such science as Vastu? Most likely, almost all remembered at the world renowned Feng Shui. Let’s look at the differences between the Sciences on the harmonization of space.

Differences from Vastu Feng Shui:

  • Vastu — the ancient Indian knowledge, and Feng Shui originated from China;
  • Vastu is very ancient knowledge that originated in the “Ramana” and “the Mahabharata” (more than 5,000 years ago, Feng Shui came about 3000 years ago);
  • Vastu has a personal aspect, i.e. it admits the existence of the master of the house, which is personal, in the philosophy of Feng Shui is considered merely impersonal circulation of energies;
  • Vastu is a part of Vedic knowledge and is inextricably linked with the Lord’s laws;
  • Vastu is transmitted through the chain of disciplic succession without change.

Tips for harmonization in the kitchen

The most unfavorable location for cuisine — North and northeast

Кухня по Васту. 10 основных советов по гармонизации пространства

North is a direction, which is responsible for the well-being of the person. If you put the kitchen there, all coming into the family funds will simply be burned in the fire. Northeast is considered a spiritual direction that was not intended for the kitchen. In addition, in the square of our space can fully contain the body of the Master of the house Vastu-Purusha. In the northeast he is the head. When we heat the head of our “brownie”, it begins to boil, and can happen scandals, conflicts and even dangerous situations with fire.

The most favorable place for kitchen in the South-East

Кухня по Васту. 10 основных советов по гармонизации пространства

The Southeast is responsible for the enjoyment, fellowship and a warm (fiery air), this trend is fueling the fire of digestion. East for wisdom and spirituality.

Place the plates and heating elements in the South-East

Southeast the most favorable place for a “fiery” items

To prepare a positive face to the East

East is the direction of wisdom. Preparing, looking to the East, the food nourishes not only on a physical level, but also at the spiritual. Appear good feelings and good mood. In addition, it will help to avoid health problems of all family members.

Keep it up

If you do not follow the order and not to do every day wet cleaning, the Vastu laws cease to operate fully. To enhance the circulation of energy useful to wash the floor before and after cooking. In addition, getting rid of clutter will allow the energy to circulate in the space and bear the benefit of his master.

Leave the North and northeast the most free

Is extremely unfavorable to make furniture and furnishings of these areas, as disturbed energy flow, which are responsible for harmony, spiritual development, prosperity and welfare.

Do not put kitchen cabinets against a wall

It is recommended not to put set close to the wall, because disrupted the free flow of energy and stagnation occurs which affects adversely on the residents of the house.

Do not place the trash can under the sink

Placing the bin under the sink, we defile the water, which is responsible for the energy of purification and prosperity. Thus, we may lose wealth and purity. It is better to put the trash can next to the sink and water.

Store clean drinking water in the northeast

This will help to purify the atmosphere of the apartment and to harmonize the interaction of the 5 elements (ether, air, water, fire and earth).

Place fire objects (stove) and water (the sink) as far as possible from each other

This is required to avoid energy conflict 5 elements. This can cause conflicts between family members.

Create a harmonious space for the prosperity of all family members!

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