Кит Харингтон выступает против сексизма в отношении мужчин

Actor kit Harrington, who managed to gain fame as a sex symbol h during the filming of the TV series “Game of thrones”, spoke about Terry sexism, which he feels lately. This is a phenomenon that many fans (and, hence, the film producers that support demand) require more of the naked body.

Кит Харингтон выступает против сексизма в отношении мужчин
Recall that the resurrection of John snow, the hero of the whale in the series, brought a sigh of relief, the majority of his fans and all the groupies. This means that everyone got the chance to enjoy the game and Harrington, and to them the most. In an interview with the Sunday Times Magazine Keith admitted that he recently just infuriates such attention to his appearance.

“I declare frankly: the film industry is booming sexism not only against women but also against men. I encounter that frequently. For example, I find myself increasingly being asked to undress during the photo sessions. Sometimes I think I give the role for the sake of appearance, but if that were the case, I would have left the job. I think that I am something more than a beautiful body and curls. Humiliates me when I’m treated only as an object of desire” — said the proud Briton.
Said the whale, and that sexism is ambiguous in relation to the different sexes. It is considered that from it most affects women, but Harrington believes that men is unpleasant.
“I believe that there are double standards. If you ask a girl can we call her baby, and she says no, that is right. And what about the men? Them it can also be frustrating,” said the actor.

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