Данко доверил дочь чешским врачам

The youngest daughter of the once famous Russian singer Danko Agatha, who suffers from a severe form of cerebral palsy – the investigation of heavy rolls of his wife, Natalia, went to the Czech Republic, where it is staffed by professionals specialized sanatorium. The girl’s mother Natalia, Ustymenko told reporters that already see positive changes in the status and well-being of his daughter.

Agata is being treated in the Spa town Janske Lazne. Only the girl will be four courses of rehabilitation, and now it passes only the first.
“The first course, which we now pass, to last for four weeks. I can already see positive changes: Agatha began to eat with a spoon, she can chew and keeps his head. Of course, this is the result of our joint efforts. In the sanatorium treatment is according to the method of Vojta therapy” — said Natalia.
According to the woman, the doctors at the hospital tell you about the real miracles that take place with their young patients after therapy at the sanatorium. One of them starts to roll over, and someone even speak.
“I want to achieve at least some kind of awareness. While Agatha does everything the reflex” — said Natalia and thanked all the caring people that helped to raise money for treatment of their girls. Even one course of treatment for the family – a very large sum. Treatment at four weeks worth of 186 thousand rubles.
Natalia was pleasantly surprised by not only the conditions of stay, but also attitudes towards persons with disabilities.
“You should have seen here are people with disabilities! No they are not looking askance, all of them have a special wheelchair with a motor. Disabled people in this country lead an ordinary lifestyle, as well as all, go to restaurants or cafes. By the way, citizens of the Czech Republic in the sanatorium are treated free of charge” — said Natalia.
Recall that Danko and his wife is also the eldest daughter Sonia. The appearance of Agatha was long awaited, but I went into labor prematurely and due to complications in the brain of the newborn has occurred irreversible processes.

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