Сын Водяновой увлекся благотворительностью

Lucas is actively involved in charitable projects of the Fund “Naked heart”.

29 may in Moscow was held a charity race organized by the Fund “Naked heart” Natalia Vodianova and company Market Podium Polina Kitsenko.

Participate in the race, volunteered 10 thousand people. Among the participants were many stars of show business and sport. Olympic and Paralympic Champions, artists and actors, singers, journalists and heroes gossip. Appeared not only the main character of this day – Natalia Vodianova. Model couldn’t come for obvious reasons. Any day now she is preparing to become a mother for the fifth time.

Until the last month of pregnancy star were actively working and trying not to miss social events, but now there was a risk that labor will start right during the race. Justifiable reason, as you know, the pregnant star of resentment for the lack of one did not hold. Moreover, instead of Natalia came to her eldest son Lucas Portman. The young man ran put a distance of 10 km.

“I’m so proud of my baby! Lucas always will be, although he is 1,85 tall. He flew to Moscow today to represent me at the race”, signed model photo son in Instagram.

Although Natalia was unable to attend the sports festival, she watched the scene on Instagram and did a repost of the photos of the participants and their friends.

“I spent the entire day absorbing the positivity of your posts, my dear #Beguinage. Fingers are aching, but I’m not giving up. I want to see, read and like each post. Let this positivity will return to you all a hundred times! And we with our magazinenow @polinakitsenko already making plans for next year. I hope that you will again be with us”, – has signed one of the posts Vodianova.

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