Liza Minnelli close to bankruptcy

Лайза Миннелли близка к банкротству
The actress decided to leave the most expensive for her things.

Liza Minnelli

Photo: Splash News/East news

As reported by foreign
Media, Liza Minnelli going through difficult times. Her finances, allegedly, are
in such a bad state that she decided to start selling off family

The actress announced
she plans to sell the portraits of his parents. She decided
to part with three images of her mother — the famous actress Judy garland, and
three — her father, Director Vincent Minnelli. These paintings are of great
value, not only as a very dear Lisa for the reminder about it
parents. The fact that they belong to the brush of the famous artist Andy

In addition to these paintings, she
decided to part with the rest of his collection of paintings. And this
sale can significantly improve the financial situation of Lisa, because the total cost
twenty-two for sale of paintings valued at 40 million dollars!
Pictures, reportedly, will not be put up for public auction, Minnelli
hopes to find buyers among his friends. Incidentally, in the past
year, Lisa was forced to part with another of their property — it is sold
their home in new York. However, all the proceeds went to pay off debts.

Money problems, as
misleading, came to the actress in March, which this year celebrated its 70th anniversary, due to the fact that in recent years she
a lot of sick, and her bills were simply appalling. At the same time, her Bank account was replenished infrequently and irregularly. The last time Liza was shot rarely. Since then, she starred in the TV series “arrested development” in 2013, on the screens Minnelli more has not yet appeared. And
the last concert Lisa — North
Carolina — took place in 2015.

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