Kirkorov is cleared from all nominations of the Award “MUZ-TV”

Киркоров снят со всех номинаций Премии МУЗ-ТВ

Last year pop king has officially renounced all awards, his words were considered a joke then, but Philip had kept his word.

Guests at yesterday’s gala dinner in honor of the nominees of “MUZ-TV 2016. Energy of the future” were shocked by the news that Philip had refused all nominations. The music sensation said the head of the prize of Arman Davletyarov after the guests have not found the name of the pop king in the list of nominees. Singer at dinner was not, now artist in a concert tour with his new show “I”.

“Philippe officially refused all awards. We respect the decision of the artist, – told reporters the head of the award Arman Davletyarov. But we are waiting for Philip at the MUZ-TV”.

I must say, a year at Kirkorov was rich: premieres of new music videos, sold out across the country. However, despite this, the artist himself preferred that his services were not awarded this year. About this Philip said on MUZ-TV 2015.

Getting one more award – the “plate” in the nomination “Best performer”, Kirkorov really asked that his no longer awarded. But then no one believed that Philip said seriously.

“Yes, it’s true, – said “KP” Philip Kirkorov. — Last year in Astana, I asked the organizers not to include me in the list of nominees. I just undignified to participate. I’ll be happy to attend such events, but, sorry, as a guest. And this year, when I learned that I was again as a winner in multiple categories – just reminded the organizers that I was not on my list. Perhaps many did not believe my words last year. But I always keep my word. Said no, so no. Let the others fight! I don’t need it. And most importantly – interesting. And just why occupy someone else’s place, when so many talented young people so eager”.

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