City of Pugacheva: “no Voice, terrible song, but she’s a star”

Градский о Пугачевой: «Голоса нет, песни ужасные, но она звезда»

In the network appeared the fragment of interview of the singer and composer Alexander Gradsky, in which he gives his opinion about an old friend and colleague Alla Pugacheva.

It is noteworthy that before you start talking about Alla Borisovna, the town asked the journalists to cut his personal opinion before the ether.

“It’s not only for television, you then cut. It is not necessary to leave” – asked city. But reporters have been on his own… Now is his personal opinion available to all.

“I love her so much. I feel sorry for her. This is a man who is torn life. She could not understand, in my opinion, where true joy. Because of this, she’s going through,” – began his revelation of Alexander Gradsky.

And then told that previously dared not speak nobody…

“One day it was bad. We sat in a large company, she felt very bad. I sat on the floor, and her head was lying on my foot. I got everyone a present because it was not necessary to touch. And half an hour couldn’t come fast, because when we said that Pugacheva bad, we all thought that it was funny. So she spent an hour and a half. And I was terribly sorry for her” – confessed musician.

Then he said that and is now worried about Alla, especially for her work: “In recent years, it is only concerned with the nonsense. Don’t know what she’s singing going on. Whether she knows what her repertoire, whether she did not want to leave the scene, and to stay with… But there is a concept “star”. She’s a real star. No voice, terrible song, but it’s still a star. And the star of the number one. And it must be admitted unconditionally. That’s what happened”.

By the way!

Previously Philip has frankly told about life together with Alla Pugacheva. He said that Allah is the best of what he experienced in life, and they parted only his fault.

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