ISA Dolmatova again will become a mother

Айза Долматова снова станет мамой A celebrity will give her husband a long-awaited baby. ISA Dolmatova said that dreams of having a baby to her husband. Reportedly, she is now in the fourth month of pregnancy.

      Айза Долматова снова станет мамой

      ISA Dolmatova will soon become a mother for the second time. Ex-wife of rapper Guf will present their current spouse Dmitry Anokhin child. Now business woman in the fourth month of pregnancy.

      ISA has a son from his first marriage with rapper Guf. Her current husband Dmitry with a young Sam as a mother. Fans of ISA glad that she was able to find inner happiness in marriage with Dmitry. Dolmatova pleased that her lover able to find a common language with her child. And myself have long dreamed about what to give Anokhin heirs and even started to argue, what Hobbies she would support.

      “Someday I will have a daughter. And I’ll dream, that she was a ballerina,” wrote the business woman on the microblogging, put a photo with an unknown girl.

      Fans of the ISA from time to time asked her questions about how and when they had with Dimitri will have common children. Each publication carefully consider subscribers to be the first to detect the rounded belly of a celebrity.

      Recall that in my first pregnancy ISA dreamed about the boy. “I remember when I was pregnant with this bully, afraid that I will have a daughter. Even after the ultrasound, where I specifically said that the kid was nervous, and suddenly made a mistake. And when gave birth to him, the first thing he asked – definitely a boy?”, – shared experiences celebrity.

      Many celebrities often hear from followers criticism because of the methods of child rearing and behaviour of the parents. Some try not to pay attention to the words of the spiteful critics, and someone tries to fight with those who dare to point others how to properly care for the children. ISA was no exception and often hear unjust accusations.

      “Block tired. Conclusions will be drawn. Now the hero and a good parent is not one who raises a child and not for the sake of throwing parties, and whoever cuts the child. You are the reflection of these! Well done! Women who wish you from the heart to give birth to worthy men!” – ISA reacted to the criticism.

      As LifeNews reports channel, Dolmatova prepared to have a second child and for the health of your baby threw a bad habit – Smoking.

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