Kirill Serebrennikov and Roma Zver triumph at the Cannes film festival

Кирилл Серебренников и Рома Зверь стали триумфаторами Каннского кинофестиваля The film received the first prize. Kirill Serebrennikov was unable to attend the ceremony, as is under house arrest. The award was given to the author of a musical composition by Roman Bilyk.
Кирилл Серебренников и Рома Зверь стали триумфаторами Каннского кинофестиваля

19 may in France ends 71st Cannes film festival. One of the main contenders for the awards was the film by Kirill Serebrennikov “Summer”. The picture created a furor and received a dozen positive reviews from critics.

The evening of may 19 will be awarded the Golden palm branches, and in the morning the jury announced the winners in the other categories. In the end, the painting “Summer” received the award for best soundtrack. This was announced by the leader of group “Beasts” Roman Bilyk, who received the award. This man reported on Instagram.

“Victory,” simply signed the novel, the photograph, which was captured together with the reward.
Кирилл Серебренников и Рома Зверь стали триумфаторами Каннского кинофестиваля

Fans were delighted with this news and hastened to congratulate the musician with an important achievement. “Congratulations! Yay! Very happy for you and for the whole crew”, “It’s just incredible, you are the pride of the country”, “Roman, an incredible achievement. You conquer new horizons” – opinions of fans Bilyk.

But Kirill Serebrennikov couldn’t see the furor his movie. The Director is still under house arrest after he was accused of embezzlement of funds in especially large sizes. When it became clear that the Director will not be able to attend the Cannes film festival, was sent to the actors Irina Starshenbaum, Theo Yu and the author of the soundtrack of Roman Bilyk.

On the red carpet at the Cannes film festival the film crew of the film came with placards in support of Kirill Serebrennikov. Recall that the arrest of the Director has caused a wide public resonance. In support of the men made many stars, among whom were Ksenia Sobchak, Yana Troyanova, Victoria Iskhakov and many others.

The painting is now “Summer” has claimed three awards, and according to critics, she has a good chance to obtain every one of them.


The painting “Summer”, which caused such a furor in the West, tells about the life of the Leningrad rock club and first appearance in this Viktor Tsoi. Judging by the trailer, the plot will focus on a love triangle between the soloist of group “Cinema”, Mike Naumenko and his wife. Roman Bilyk in addition to writing the soundtrack still played the role of Choi opponent in the fight for the heart of Natalia Naumenko.

The shooting of the film turned into a scandal because the relatives of Victor Tsoi was unhappy with the script and the project as a whole. However, despite the numerous problems Serebrennikov managed to carry out his idea.