Григорий Лепс сбежал из больницы после перелома The artist fell and injured four ribs. Grigory Leps said “StarHit” about his condition at a concert in the Kremlin. Despite the fact that doctors have prescribed bed rest, the actor broke it to speak.
Григорий Лепс сбежал из больницы после перелома

Recently appeared information about the fact that Grigory Leps was in the hospital. Representatives of the actor confirmed that he is hospitalized in the Botkin clinic in the survey. Later, they assured that the health of Gregory threatens nothing. Now “StarHit” learned the details.

It turned out that on 15 may this year, Beyonce slipped on a wet floor in the bathroom and fell. Then he felt a strong discomfort, so I did not immediately go to the doctors. Moreover, on the same day, Leps performed at the concert in honor of the opening of the Crimean bridge.

However, within two to three days, the artist appeared aching pain he still went to the hospital. It turned out that the mild fall led to a more than serious injury. As told to Gregory “StarHit” the doctors took an x-ray and found that the artist has four broken ribs and hurt his lung. Gregory was hospitalized, prescribed bed rest. However, today, may 19, Leps were at the concert in honor of the anniversary of the poet Mikhail Gutseriev in the Kremlin Palace.

“Fell in the tub, slipped. At first did not understand that there are consequences. But then I began to ache, went to the doctors. It turned out that four broken ribs, stung a little by the light. And now I escaped from the hospital – admitted “StarHit” Leps, signed the paper and came. I had fractures before. Childhood hand broke. But the head somehow was lucky all the time”.

Doctors believe that Gregory will be fine, and no special dangers his unexpected injury to health will bring. But warned that to heal, to knit together the edges are not less than two weeks. Gregory, signed the necessary papers to leave the hospital. But otpi your room, Leps has returned to the hospital to be observed in hospital for as long as he work schedule allows. Apparently, the actor feels well. Because Monday, may 21, Leps will deliver long-planned solo concert in Tashkent.