Дочь Кати Огонек рассказала, как пережила смерть матери The artist died in 2007. Daughter Kati Ogonek Valeria still can’t believe that her mom is no more. She decided to follow in the footsteps of a famous cousin and started as a professional musician.
Дочь Кати Огонек рассказала, как пережила смерть матери

Katya Ogonek was the Queen of chanson. She toured extensively in Russia and other countries, and her songs invariably become hits. That’s why when the actress died suddenly in 2007, it came as a shock to many of her fans.

Then there were different versions about the cause of death. It was officially reported that the star died from pulmonary edema and heart failure caused by cirrhosis of the liver. However, according to another version, the death occurred due to attack of epilepsy.

In the program “Tonight” had a daughter with actress Valeria. When Katya Ogonek has died, the girl was only six years old, so she still grieved the loss.

“It was a very difficult period. I then thought to myself that I’m not going to say goodbye to my mom forever. Had convinced herself that she’s on tour, he’d be right back. I still think so, and this becomes easier,” – said Valery.
Дочь Кати Огонек рассказала, как пережила смерть матери

Now the heiress of the singer for 17 years. Pretty girl with long, fond of ballroom dancing and even won several awards. However, the performances had to be abandoned because of problems with money. According to mom Katie Light, they have no opportunity to buy prom suits for 25 thousand roubles, and to pay for trips to competitions.

In the last few years, the daughter of the actress began to build a musical career. She took the pseudonym Leroy Light and even recorded several hits. One of the songs the girl devoted mother.

“We are helping Irina Krug. She supports us financially. Plus there is interest from the public. Lera is very similar to the Kate character, and she began to sing from an early age,” said the mother of a legend of chanson.

Valeria confesses that does not remember the parent, because they are rarely seen. Katya Ogonek toured and spoke with her daughter in between concerts. However, she has exceptional warm feelings towards the mother.

Education heiress stars engaged grandparents. Now they are encouraging the creative endeavors of Valerie.

Stars of chanson, was present in the Studio of the program “Tonight”, noted that Valeria has good vocal abilities. They advised the girl to continue to develop musical talent to ever repeat my mother’s success.