Kim Kardashian hired a surrogate mother to bear another child

Ким Кардашьян наняла суррогатную мать для вынашивания  еще одного ребенка
Became known some details of the contract.

Kim Kardashian

Photo: PA Images/TASS

Fans Of Kim Kardashian
intrigued. It became known that the Kardashian raising
year-old son of St and four-year-old daughter North took the final decision to use
the services of a surrogate mother to get a third child, which she had long dreamed. Kim has already
to enter into an agreement with a particular woman, whose name is, of course, to disclose
prohibited. But the reporter site found out the details of the contract with the Kim,
who will make her child.

As it turned out, the surrogate
my mom hired Kim and her husband Kanye West, will pay quite generously. It
get for child bearing 113 thousand
dollars. Of these, 68 thousand will be transferred to her immediately — in the first tranche. And
the remaining 45 thousand will be paid gradually — 5 thousand per month
for the past 9 months.

In case, if there is a conception of not one, but two or three children, will be made additional
payments. For each additional selected child of Kim, the woman will get
for 5 thousand dollars. But if as a result of pregnancy her health will suffer
any damage, she will pay 4 thousand
in order to compensate.

However, to get this
the amount of a surrogate mother will have to observe a number of conditions. First of all,
that, however, is of course, her
it is strictly forbidden to smoke, drink alcohol and any funds equal to
drug. In addition, the woman signed a contract with
Kardashian, allowed to eat during the day only one beverage that contains caffeine. It is strictly forbidden to eat raw fish and
meat, hair dye, and … to contact with cats!