Leonid Parfyonov revives the famous program “Namedni”

Леонид Парфенов возрождает знаменитую программу «Намедни»
Legendary show changed its name and format.

Leonid Parfyonov

Photo: Press service

The program “Namedni” by Leonid Parfenov returned to
unexpected format: musically-entertaining. The premiere will take place on
international Russian television channel RTVi in the fall of 2017. “The other day
karaoke” is a new show about people,
events, phenomena and, most importantly, the songs, without which we can not imagine and
even harder to understand.

“The other day at karaoke” — a retrospective canvas, consisting of
historical facts, personal memories and, of course, the biggest hits of his
time. Guests of the first edition of the show will be Mikhail Boyarsky, Yuri Stoyanov,
Maxim Vitorgan, Leonid Yarmolnik. They will share nostalgic stories
their lives and perform their favorite songs.

“The programme is aimed at a very wide audience: someone caught
the era we are talking about, but the rest is not less interesting, — says Leonid. — In our Studio, sitting mostly young audience, and I always
explain to them the phenomena that can be confusing: what is the deficit
products, distributor, Saratov-2 or a refrigerator “Rosenlew” which promises
comrade Saakhov uncle of Nina in “Caucasian captive”. Because it’s all now,
of course, needs no explanation to understand what, of what,
what made the Soviet Union was”.